Release Notes - Week Ending March 1, 2019


“Company Name” and “Bio” fields now available regardless of Public Profile setting

Previously, the “Company Name” and “Bio” fields would only display on the Settings page for an account if the Public Profile feature was turned on for the account. Now these two fields are always available, however they will default to be “Hidden.” When “Optional” or “Required” is set, these fields appear on the User Profile.



“Discover” option added to empty Plan view

If the Discover tab is active for an account, when a Student navigates to their Plan page and it has only 0-3 activities, they will now see a “Discover” option in addition to the pre-existing “Home” and “Browse” options:





Deactivating a Letter didn’t remove it from any associated Activities

When an inactive letter was mapped to an active activity, it would trigger letters to be sent, which didn’t make much sense. Now, if an admin deactivates a letter (via the Letter properties), they will see a confirmation message noting that deactivating the letter will remove its mappings to any associated activities:


If confirmed, the letter will deactivate and no longer be associated with those activities.

Videos couldn’t be uploaded to video-type assessment questions

Neither students nor facilitators could upload a video to a video-type assessment question, instead encountering an error. This problem has been fixed and now videos can be uploaded without issue.

Question Pool meter and Pool points shouldn’t display for non-graded assessments

If an admin had defined a non-graded assessment (introduced last week), the Question Pool meter and Pool points that display after a Student completes the assessment shouldn’t display since they do not receive any points for any of the questions:


These have been removed for non-graded assessment, however the number of questions correct (X/Y correct) metric will still display.



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