Release Notes - Week Ending February 22, 2019


New grading type for Assessments and Evaluations - “Not graded”

In addition to the existing grading types of “Auto graded” (previously called “Auto”) and “Facilitator graded” (previous called “Manual”), we’ve added a new grading type for Assessments and Evaluations: “Not graded.” When chosen, this option will ensure no score is given when a Student submits their answers. “Not graded” assessments won’t have an option to set a passing grade (the value is left null) and therefore cannot be failed. A Student will be left in a “Passed” state upon completion.




Topic restrictions for Groups only showed Topic Sections

When an admin tried to set Topic restrictions on a Group’s Properties page, the Topic Restrictions dropdown would only show Topic Sections, instead of both Topic Sections and Topics. We’ve fixed this bug and now both Topic Sections and Topics display in the dropdown.



Topic links on Collection page link to incorrect results

When a Student viewed a Collection page, any Topic links on that page would direct them to an incorrect result page. This problem has been corrected and now Topic links on Collection pages link to the correct Topic pages.

Mobile Hero Images not saved for Topics

If an admin tried to upload both a Desktop and Mobile Hero Image on the Topic Properties page, the Desktop version would save but the Mobile version wouldn’t. Another bug squashed - the Mobile version will now save alongside the Desktop version.



Certain fields no longer allowed to be set via Activities import for scheduled activities

When an admin does an Activities import, there are certain fields which cause issues when set for scheduled activities. In order to prevent these issues from occurring, the following fields shouldn’t contain data when the activity being defined is a scheduled activity (since these fields are only used for the actual activity sessions):

  • Attendance Max
  • Has Waitlist
  • Requires Authorization
  • Waitlist Max

Moving forward, any attempt to populate data in the Activities import for scheduled activities will result in an error message in the System Log.



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