Topic Onboarding

Exceed contains functionality that allows surfacing recommended content to Students as soon as they enter the system. As your course catalog gets larger, Topic Onboarding is a way to provide targeted, personalized content to your audience.

Note - Topic Onboarding is optional functionality - to turn this on in your account please contact your Account Manager or Intellum Support.


If turned on, your Students will experience Topic Onboarding after they first log into the LMS. Once their login credentials are verified, they will see a "Make It Smarter" modal with a list of topics, from which the user can choose one or more that interest them. When selected, a topic will highlight in blue. Clicking the "Show More Topics" link displays the rest of the topics, which all appear in the order set on the Topic List page:


When the user clicks the Save button, all of the topics selected will be saved and activities on the Catalog Home page will be customized based on these selections, similar to how Topic Following normally works!


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