Release Notes - Week Ending February 8, 2019


Timezone field added to Session properties

In order to reduce confusion for administrators when they define activity sessions in the system, we have added a timezone field to the Session properties. An admin can now define the start time and timezone that the session will be held in. The timezone field will default to the timezone of the administrator, and students will see the session time based on their timezone (as before).


The timezone field will also appear for dates in the Session Schedule area of the Session properties (in the New Date modal).

Activity duration set to null for new activities

When Students used the Duration filter on the Plan page, selecting “Short (0-5 min)” didn’t necessarily return only activities that were short in duration, since an admin could leave the default value of “0” duration when defining an activity, causing these activities to display via the “Short” filter. To correct this problem, any new activities that are defined will have a default Duration value of “null” instead of “0” and will not be a required field.



Topic search didn’t work on Topic List admin page

When an administrator tried searching for a Topic on the Topic List admin page, only Topic Sections, not Topics themselves, would return in the search results. We’ve addressed this bug so that both relevant Topics and Topic Sections will display in the search results. As a reminder, here is the search behavior given the following contexts:

  • Search query matches ONLY topics
    • Results shows topics AND the topic sections they are in
  • Search query matches topics AND topic sections
    • Results show topics AND the topic sections they are in
  • Search query matches topic and a topic section that the topic is NOT in
    • Results show the topic in its topic section AND an empty topic section
  • Search query matches only a topic section
    • Results show an empty topic section

Irrelevant Topic Filters display on Plan page

When a Student viewed their Plan page, the Topic filters that displayed on the left side of the page would show both the relevant Topics that the activities on the Plan were part of, as well as any other Topics that were part of the same Topic Section(s) (aka “sibling” Topics). This issue has been corrected and now only relevant sibling Topics will display on the Plan page (i.e., only Topics which contain activities on the Plan).

Calendar invite for Facilitator remained after session was deleted

If an admin deleted a Session in the system, the calendar invite for the Facilitator still remained. We’ve addressed this issue by ensuring that the Facilitator is removed from the Session when the Session is deleted - this will cause an email to automatically be sent to remove the session from the Facilitator’s calendar.

Preview Image property shouldn’t display for video or audio Link activities

In the Link activity admin properties, the Preview Image property allows an image to be displayed if you’re not using Embedly to display the activity link. However, for audio or video links, the Preview Image property shouldn’t display. We’ve corrected this and now the Preview Image property will not display for video or audio links.



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