Release Notes - Week Ending February 1, 2019


Activity Duration input now accepts ‘minutes’ instead of ‘seconds’

When defining an activity, the Duration field accepts minutes, however when an admin used the advanced Activity filter to search for activities and chose “Activity duration,” the input required a duration entered in “seconds,” not “minutes.” To dispel confusion, we have changed the Activity duration input in the advanced Activity filter to accept “minutes,” not “seconds.”






‘My Recommendations’ row displayed activities in chronological order

A Student viewing their Catalog Home page with a “My Recommendations” row would see the activities in that row display in chronological order (oldest to newest, from left to right). We’ve fixed this problem so that the activities display in reverse chronological order (from newest to oldest).

Searching within Topic Section didn’t work

If a Student navigated to a Topic Section from the Browse page and tried to run a search, nothing happened (no results returned). This bug has been addressed so that the search terms entered will search all the activities with a topic that matches any of the Topic Section’s subtopics and return the appropriate results.

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