Release Notes - Week Ending January 18, 2019


Topic Locales

A significant milestone in our larger efforts to emphasize topics as the best way to structure content, Topic Locales allows administrators to avoid using group restrictions to support using different languages within the system. To learn all about this exciting feature, click here.

New icon added to Report list page

In order to designate which reports were created by the administrator viewing the Report list page, a Profile icon will appear next to them. When the admin hovers over the icon, the help text “Created by you” will appear. Also, the Calendar icon, which used to appear as light gray if a report was not subscribed to, will only appear in a black color if the administrator subscribes to a particular report.




Video question types in Assessments couldn’t detect hardware

When a Student tried completing an Assessment that contained a Video-type question, when they tried to record video they would receive a “Waiting for hardware” message on screen and be unable to continue on in the Assessment. We’ve fixed this bug and now Video-type questions work fine in Assessments.

‘Launch’ button not appearing for public eLearning activities

When an unauthorized (not logged in) Student accessed a public eLearning activity, the Launch button for the activity didn’t display. This issue has been corrected so that the Launch button will display for unauthorized users, and when clicked, the login modal will display so that the user can log into the system.



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