Release Notes - Week Ending January 11, 2019



Facilitator Experience now consistent with Admin Experience when sending Calendar updates

We’ve updated the user experience for Facilitators so that when they have finished editing an Activity Session via the ‘Edit Session Details’ modal, the button options displayed will now match the options that an Administrator sees when editing a Session’s properties. The Save Changes button will be the default button, followed by the Save & Send Invite Update button (which sends a calendar invite update to the Facilitator and all in-progress Session participants), and finally the Cancel button (which doesn’t save any changes or send any invites).



Shared Discover Tab activity links now resolve to CatCat

Prior to this enhancement, if an activity via the Discover Tab was shared via the “Share” icon at the top right of the page, an internal link would be generated (that basically resolved to the URL of the activity in the browser). Now, when the Share icon is clicked for an activity in the Discover Tab, the URL generated will resolve to a CatCat (external) URL, which is our public catalog available to everyone.


Calendar Invite updates weren’t sent to participants when a Date was added to a Session

If an Administrator added a Date to an existing Activity Session, there was no way for them to send a Calendar Invite update out to the participants of that Session. We’ve fixed this problem by adding a Create & Send Invite Update button to the New Date modal, making this experience consistent with other Calendar Invite update experiences in the system (see the first Enhancement, above).

Users API populated ‘position_name’ with NULL values

The “position_name” field in the Users API wasn’t showing any data, even when it was populated. We’ve corrected this bug and now the “position_name” field will show data via the API.

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