Release Notes - Week Ending January 4, 2019


Account could be created with same name as branding org subdomain

In the past, we allowed an account to be setup with the same name as an existing account’s branding org subdomain. This interfered with SSO setup, so we are now validating the account name to ensure uniqueness.

Browse page images disappeared when using filters

Sometimes, when a Student navigated to the Browse page and used the filters on the left side of the page, the activity images on the right side of the page would disappear. This bug has been fixed and now the images will always display.

‘Recommended by’ name wasn’t capitalized for new enrollments

When an admin create a new enrollment via the “New Enrollment” modal, the Recommended by field displayed the name in lowercase characters. We’ve corrected this issue and now the displayed name is appropriately capitalized.

Some reports not respecting Restricted Admin group restrictions

If a Restricted Admin was given User Restrictions to specific group(s), the Restricted Admin wouldn’t see any of the users in the specific group(s) listed in the following reports:

  • Activity Reviews
  • Admin Permissions
  • Comments
  • Notifications
  • Reported Activities
  • Reported Comments
  • Topic Follows

This problem has been fixed so that the Restricted Admin will see those users listed on these reports who are members of the group(s) they have access to view.



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