Release Notes - Week Ending December 21, 2018



Topic modal from Profile page

When a Student selects the Topics link at the top of their My Profile page, the Topic modal that displays will exhibit the following changes:

  • The header will display the number of topics being followed
  • Topics will be segmented by Topic Section
  • Within each Topic Section, a link will display for each followed Topic. When clicked, the Student will be taken to the Topic page within Browse.






Fixed a few issues for Topics with group restrictions

For an active Topic with a group restriction set, and a Student is not a member of that group, the following two issues have been fixed:

  1. On the Browse page, when the Topic is searched for, the Topic was listed in the “Related Topics” row. It shouldn’t be listed at all due to the group restriction.
  2. On the Plan page, the Topic is incorrectly displayed as a tag under the activity name. It shouldn’t be listed at all due to the group restriction.

Incorrect Toast notification when next activity is Survey/Assessment in Path

When a Student was navigating through the activities in a Path, if they completed an activity prior to a Survey or Assessment, the “Toast” notification that displayed wouldn’t read “Next Activity.” It would just mention the prior activity being completed. We’ve corrected this issue so that the Toast notification includes the “Next Activity” text, allowing the Student to click it to go to the Survey or Assessment.

Topic links didn’t work in a few situations from the Discover page

Within a private account, if a Student navigated to the Discover page and either clicked on an activity or searched on a keyword that returned a topic, in both cases the page that displayed wouldn’t allow the Student to click on the Topic tag to navigate to that Topic page. We’ve fixed this bug so that Students can click on the Topic tags in these situations from the Discover page.



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