Release Notes - Week Ending December 14, 2018


URL with filters wasn’t being applied

If a Student used a link to access a page with filtered results (e.g.,[]=0..359) on the Plan or Manage pages, the filters wouldn’t be applied properly and the page wouldn’t display the expected results. This problem has been fixed and now URLs with filters work fine.

Vimeo video links sometimes didn’t work

Sometimes when a Student accessed a Link activity containing a link to a Vimeo video, the wrong Vimeo content would play. This bug has been squashed and now the correct Vimeo videos will always play.

Filtering language on Branding Organization Home page forced admin’s locale to change

When an administrator navigated to the Catalog Home page properties for a branding org and used the filter to select a particular language, in addition to correctly filtering the content on the page by that language, the admin’s default language would change to whatever language was selected in the filter, impacting the user interface of the entire admin experience for that admin. We’ve corrected this issue so that the admin’s default language remains unchanged when they use this filter.


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