Release Notes - Week Ending December 7, 2018



Plan Page improvements

We’ve listened to client feedback and made a number of visual improvements to the Plan page to enhance clarity and improve the overall layout. To illustrate these changes, here is the “Before” view of the Plan page:


...and the “After” view of the Plan page:


You’ll notice we’ve made the following changes:

  1. Required and overdue activities are much clearer - highlighted in red text
  2. We’ve removed the confusing “dotted line” separating activities which were required and had a due date from all other activities
  3. Topic labels, Session start dates, and required or recommended status text has been added
  4. The Filters on the left side of the page are now consistent with the rest of the system and relevant to external audiences (Duration instead of Enrollment type)
  5. All of these changes have rendered the need to hover over an activity name to see its details moot, since those details are now included on the page.

When a Student is in Edit mode (by clicking the Edit Plan link), the following changes have been made:


  1. If an activity has a due date it cannot be moved
  2. If an activity doesn’t have a due date, it can be moved anywhere and will go below all items with due dates
  3. Students can re-add an activity back to their Plan after they’ve removed it
  4. Managers can also set/change the due date OR change the enrollment type between recommended and required when editing a direct report’s plan:


Clicking the Pencil icon brings up an Edit dialog (similar to the Add Activity To Plan dialog), allowing changes to the Due Date, Enrollment Type, Recommended/Required By name, and Enrollment Reason.  If the enrollment is elected, it can be changed to required/recommend but cannot be changed back to elected.





Activity enrollments and completions didn’t trigger letters when defined same day

If a Student enrolled in or completed an activity, and an admin defined a letter trigger for either the enrollment or completion afterwards on the same day, the letter didn’t get sent. We’ve changed this behavior so that letter triggers defined on the same day after any enrollments or completions will now get sent to Students.

Too many added activities added to Plan broke scrolling

If a large number of activities were added to a Student’s Plan, the next time the Student logged in and saw the modal with all the added activities on their Plan page, that page wouldn’t be scrollable.


We’ve fixed this issue and now Students can scroll to the top and dismiss the modal.

Restricted Administrator editing a User’s properties caused branding organization overwrite

Sometimes, if a Restricted Administrator edited any of the fields on a User’s Properties page, that user’s branding organization would be overwritten with the branding organization of the Restricted Admin. This bug has been squashed so it does not happen anymore!

eLearning course types can be designated in Activity integration

When doing a bulk activity import, in addition to the usual activity types (file, post, link, etc.), an administrator can now define “scorm,” “aicc,” and “evolve” types. These File activity types prepare for the later upload of those three particular eLearning-type files via the Activity Properties page or Evolve authoring tool integration. This was hotfixed on 11/29.



Topic Filter on Topic page wasn’t scrollable on iOS

On a mobile iOS device, when a Student viewed a Topic page in the system, the Topic Filters weren’t scrollable, causing some of the filters towards the bottom of the page to be inaccessible. This issue has been corrected so that all the filters can be scrolled to and viewed.



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