Release Notes - Week Ending November 30, 2018



User Profile URL can now support UUID

Admins now have a choice in deciding which User Profile URL scheme will be used (i.e., how the URL is constructed to navigate to a user’s Profile page). On the Settings page, a new “User profile URL scheme” field has been added:


In addition to the pre-existing default of appending the full user name plus random hex characters, admins may choose to use the UUID (universally unique identifier) of the user, which contains 32 random hex characters.

Stacked cards display for nested activities in Search results

When a user searched for an activity that existed in multiple Paths (or Paths in multiple Collections), it was difficult to visually differentiate the search results because the same activity card would display for the individual activity as well as the activity in the path. We’ve enhanced the search results to display a ‘stacked’ card image when an Activity in a Path or a Path in a Collection is returned:





‘Show Topic Images in Browse’ setting for Default Branding Org impacts all others

On the Properties page for the Default branding organization, the “Show Topic Images in Browse” setting was overriding the setting for this field in all other branding organizations. We’ve fixed this problem and now each branding organization’s setting for this field will be respected.

Topic page text overrun in IE11

If a user navigated to a Topic page when using Internet Explorer 11, sometimes the page would require horizontal scrolling due to the activity description text displaying all on one line and overrunning to the right of the page. This bug has been addressed and now the Topic page displays without issue in IE11.

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