Enabling or Allowing Flash For Troubleshooting Course Issues

This article is for troubleshooting a course when the course uses Flash elements. 

NOTE 1: Different browsers may handle things in different ways so be sure to check online for the latest information related to the browser being used.

NOTE 2: Intellum recommends clients move away from using Flash soon because Adobe plans to discontinue support for it in 2020.


A common issue we see with learners is not having flash installed or not having it enabled. Here is a link showing how to enable the flash player in most browsers:



A learner may be able to simply click on the extension icon and "allow" flash.



For people using Google Chrome browser, below are some additional steps that may help:

NOTE: On newer versions of Chrome you may not see an "Add" button.

1. Click on the three vertical dots in the top right

2. Click on "Settings"



3. Type "flash" at the top

4. Click on "Content Settings"



5. Click "Flash"



6. Click "ADD"



7. Add your Exceed LMS domain

8. Click on the blue "ADD" button


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