Release Notes - Week Ending June 1st, 2018


New dynamic variable @user_manager_name@ created for letters

We’ve added a new dynamic variable to use in letters - the @user_manager_name@ field. Now, if you would like to include the name of the user’s manager in your letters, you can!




Column B (Group Code) missing from Assign Restricted Admin import sample file

If an admin tried to do an Assign Restricted Admin import using the sample file downloadable from the import page, the file was missing Column B, which was the Group Code field. This error has been corrected and the sample file now contains the correct Column B.



Breadcrumbs not needed for subtopic pages in mobile apps

In the Exceed mobile apps, when a learner accesses a subtopic page while browsing activities, the breadcrumbs shown at the top left of the screen have been replaced by a back button in order to be consistent with navigation cues in the rest of the application on the mobile platform.

Topic Following optimized in mobile apps

We’ve optimized the ability to follow topics in the Exceed mobile apps. The “plus” icon accurately displays the followed state of a topic (blue = followed, gray = not followed), and the tooltips no longer appear when the plus icon is clicked.

Comment count shouldn’t display if comments are turned off for an account

If an admin has turned off the ability to leave and display comments for activities, the comment count shouldn’t display at all in the metadata for the activity.


We’ve fixed this bug so that the comment count will not display if comments are turned off in the account.

Path progress bar within Collection doesn’t update

If a learner has completed any activities in a Path which is part of a Collection, and then closes the Collection and re-enters it, the Path will not show any progress unless the Path was accessed first. We’ve solved this issue so that the Path will show progress regardless of whether the learner visits the Collection or Path page first.




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