Release Notes - Week Ending May 25th, 2018



‘Back to Activity’ button changed to ‘Next Activity’ for video activity in Path

If a video activity (for an uploaded video) exists in a Path, it didn’t make sense to show a “Back to Activity” button upon completion of the video inside the video window, since the Student just finished watching it! Therefore, we’ve changed the function of the button to display “Next Activity” so that it is easy for the Student to navigate to the next activity in the Path. If completing the video activity completes the Path, the button will display “Back to Path” so that the Student can easily navigate back to the Path view.

Session End Time added back in the Session view

When we rolled out Activity Session at the beginning of the year, we somehow lost the ability to show the Session End Time when sessions are viewed from the Browse tab. We’ve added the Session End Time back, making it easy for Students to see how long each session runs.



Max File size of activity GIF images increased to 30 MB

In order to allow the use of non-trivial animated GIF images for activities, the maximum file size for Hero (desktop and mobile) and Cover Art images has been increased to 30 MB. This impacts GIF images ONLY - PNG and JPG files will still be limited to 10 MB.



eLearning activities weren’t showing Path associations

When an admin viewed the Activity Properties page for an eLearning (File) activity, the Path section at the bottom of the page (which shows the Paths the activity is associated with) didn’t display. We’ve corrected this problem so that the Path section will display for eLearning activities.



Activity Filter pop-up cut off when displaying long activity titles

When an admin viewed the Responses tab for a particular Survey (assessment), when the Activity Filter button was clicked, the pop-up showing the associated activities to which the Survey is attached would be cut off on the left side if any of the activity titles contained many characters.


This bug has been fixed so that, regardless of how long the activity title is, the pop-up box will display correctly and any long activity titles will end with ellipses (allowing the admin to do a mouseover to see the full title).

‘Start Date’ for Collections wasn’t being set

When a Student accessed an activity in a Path in a Collection, the Start Date for the Collection wasn’t being set, which impacted their ability to see the Collection on the Catalog Home page or their My Library pages, as well as an admin’s ability to see this date on the Enrollments page for the Collection. This problem has been corrected and the Start Date for a Collection is now being populated.

Some multi-date Sessions had an extra day scheduled

When an admin defined an Activity Session to have multiple dates via the “Repeat” field, any time and timezone information for the admin was being lost, so that the “Repeat until” field was being treated as UTC time. Depending on the End time of the session, an extra day may have been scheduled given the time difference. This oversight has been addressed and now the correct time and timezone for a multi-date Session will be used, and an accurate number of days will be scheduled.

“GoToTraining/GoToMeeting” labels weren’t displaying in Location field for Sessions

When a Student was viewing their scheduled sessions from the My Library page, or an admin viewed them from the Session List page, any virtual sessions set up with GoToTraining (GTT) or GoToMeeting (GTM) links did not display as such in the Location field. This bug recently cropped up but has been fixed so that any GTT or GTM scheduled sessions will display their appropriate label in the Location field in the views mentioned above.





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