Release Notes - Week Ending November 2nd, 2018



Activity Comments can now be “frozen”

Prior to this enhancement, comments for an activity could be active (enabled) or inactive (disabled). We’ve added a third option, frozen, which when chosen will disable new comments from being added to the activity but still allow previous comments to display to users.


“Id” and “code” added to Search functionality for Activities in Assessment actions

When searching for an Activity while defining an Assessment action, we had only allowed the ability to search on the activity name. For more flexibility and ease of use, we've added the ability to search on the activity id and activity code.



Enrollment List filter updated

The Filter on the Enrollments tab of an Activity used to include a choice for “Incomplete” activities, which didn’t make much sense. We’ve changed that option to “In-progress” which is a more valuable filter to have:




Inactive activities were available to add to a Custom Catalog row

We were allowing inactive activities to be added to custom Catalog rows in a branding organization. For consistency and to make the admin’s life easier, we are not showing inactive activities any more when the admin searches the catalog to find an existing activity to add to a custom row.

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