Submitting Support Tickets

Who is this article for?

This article is for Admins who are authorized to contact the Intellum Helpdesk.

Authorized helpdesk users may submit a new ticket by clicking on "Submit a Request" HERE or by simply sending an email to


NOTE: You can reply to any ticket to re-open the ticket. Please only do this if you have a question/ comment that is related to the ticket. If you reply to an unrelated ticket it will link to the wrong ticket and muddy your ticket history a bit!


What should be included in the initial ticket submission?

When creating a new support ticket it's important to provide details so the support agent can quickly begin troubleshooting your issue.


Who: What user is experiencing the issue? Locate the user on the user's page, go to their "Properties" tab and copy the link in the address bar (see images below!).

What: What behavior are you seeing and what behavior are you expecting to see?

Where: What page is the issue occurring on? Wherever you're at in the system you'll see a link in the address bar. Go to the page where the issue exists, copy the link and include it in your initial ticket submission.

When: When does the issue occur? What are the exact steps to replicate the issue?


LINKS! A link is like giving the support team the exact coordinates of the issue. There is a link for almost anything you can think of. The best practice is to go to the "Properties" page, copy the link in the address bar and include it in your initial ticket submission. You can also simply go to any page in the system where you are seeing the issue and copy the link in the address bar.


Example For Locating a Link to a USER





This works for almost anything...


Activity or Session








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