Release Notes - Week Ending October 19th, 2018


Improved Search and Results

We’ve already done a lot of work improving our search functionality to give you more and better focused results (e.g., searching across synonyms, singular/plural, related topic areas, etc.). In addition, we use intelligence API services to get the text out of pdfs, docs, URLS, images, audios, and videos!

Now, we’ve built out a new search results page and also included context highlighting of search terms. For a quick overview of this feature, click here!

New Search Results page:


As you can see, search results can now be filtered by Live Events, Awards, Duration and Difficulty. Only one item in a section can be selected at a time.

Related Topics show at the top of the page, ordered by relevance. When clicked, they take you to the topic’s page. The actual search results will only include active activities included in the catalog. Activities that are not in the catalog display if they are part of a Path or Collection that IS in the catalog, and in this scenario the activity is shown in the context of the Path or Collection.

Nested results will display and link to the activity in the following contexts:

  • Activity in a Path
  • Activity in a Path that’s in a Collection
  • Path in a Collection
  • Standalone activities
  • Path and Collection activities

As a result, any activity that is part of more than one Path or Collection will show up multiple times in a single search result.

Each search result provides contextual highlighting, meaning a snippet of its description is highlighted that matches the search result. In the screenshot above, the word “Leadership” is highlighted in most result descriptions given that it was the search term entered. If there isn’t a contextual highlight available (for example, if the result is based on a nested activity in a Path or Collection), then just a snippet of the description is shown.

When a result is clicked, the user is taken to the activity in its proper context (i.e., if the search result is an activity in a Path/Collection, the user is taken to the activity in the context of that Path/Collection).

We’re confident these improvements to search will connect users to the best possible content for their unique needs!


Topic Experts

In preparation for engaging with other Students through moderation and comments, it is now possible to define Topic Experts for any Topic in the system. To define a Topic Expert, from any Topic’s Properties page, you’ll see a new section at the bottom of the page:


Simply enter in the user id of any user in the system and click the Create button (recall that the user id is displayed at the very bottom of a user's Properties page). You can add one or more Topic Experts to any topic!

On the Topic Expert’s My Profile page, a blue checkmark next to their name designates being a Topic Expert, and any topics they are an expert in will appear underneath their name:


Cover Art and Hero Image Enhancements

We’ve made a few improvements to how Cover Art and Hero Images are handled in the system:

  1. We’ve added a Cover Art field to the Collections activity type. Now, instead of the Hero Image being used, you can upload a separate image for Cover Art.
  2. If no Cover Art is uploaded for an activity, the existing Hero Image will now be cropped from the center to a 16 x 9 format and used as the default Cover Art image. An admin may subsequently replace the default image with a different image if they like.
  3. For Path activities only, the recommended size for Hero Images has changed to 2400 x 650 px, with a minimum size of 1200 x 325 px.

Award Name now viewable on Award

Prior to this enhancement, only the activity title would display on an earned Award certificate. Now, if a Name is defined for an Award on an activity’s Properties page, that Name will display instead on the certificate. If the Name field is left blank, then the activity name will be used as before.





Google+ removed from all social sharing options

Since Google is deprecating the consumer version of their Google+ service, we have removed the Google+ icon from all Sharing menus in the system. This displayed when sharing activities and awards.

Some activities not displaying on Plan page

If a Student had in-progress (incomplete) enrollments that were over 4 years old, sometimes those activities wouldn’t display on the Plan page. We have fixed this issue so that the age of incomplete enrollments won’t impact an activity’s ability to display on the Plan page.

“Add To Your Plan” message shouldn’t display on Plan page if certain pages aren’t active

If an account had the Home page, Browse page, and Evaluations turned off, we would still display the “Add To Your Plan” message on the Plan page:


This didn’t make sense since the Student doesn’t have any options to add activities to their Plan, so we have removed the message from the Plan page in this scenario.



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