Release Notes - Week Ending May 18th, 2018



Topic Onboarding

Adding on to the release of Topic Following last week, we are now bringing functionality that allows surfacing recommended content to Students as soon as they enter the system. As your catalog gets larger, Topic Onboarding is a way to provide targeted, personalized content to your audience.

Note - Topic Onboarding is optional functionality - to turn this on in your account please contact your Account Manager or Intellum Support.

Your Students will experience Topic Onboarding after they first log into the LMS. After their login credentials are verified, they will see a Welcome modal, asking for their occupation:


Whatever position is typed in by the user will be matched against an O*NET-derived database of related occupations, which the user can choose from:


Next, a series of topics related to the chosen occupation appears, from which the user can choose one or more that interest them:


Or they can type in a topic of interest, which will be matched as well:


The user can continue typing in other topics of interest and choose more topics they’d like to follow until they’re satisfied with the ones they’ve chosen:


When the user clicks the Save button, all of the topics selected will be saved and Smart Rows will generate on the Catalog Home page based on these selections, given how Topic Following normally works!

“Duration” field changed to “Duration (Seconds)” on activity imports

To alleviate any confusion, we have changed the ‘Duration’ field label for activity imports to ‘Duration (Seconds)’ - making it clear that the number of seconds is expected in the data import.



Tooltip added to Close (X) button

When a Student is viewing a Collection, Path or Activity, it wasn’t clear that the “X” button was a “Close” button - meaning it closed you out of the current view back to where you started (Catalog Home, Browse or My Library page). Some folks thought it only took you one “level” back (e.g., from Activity to Path if you were in a Collection).

To eliminate this confusion, we’ve added a “Close” tooltip to the “X” button, which displays when the mouse pointer hovers over the button:





Link activity title overwritten after edit or import is made

When an admin creates a Link activity, the title auto-populates via details from the web page that is linked. If the admin edits the suggested title, the new title will get overwritten again by the auto-populated title. This also occurs if a link activity is imported via an integration, where the title from the CSV file is also overwritten.

This bug has been fixed so that the edited or imported title will not get overwritten by the suggested, auto-populated title.

Facilitator accessing Session from Catalog Home page links to incorrect session

If an admin has created multiple sessions for an activity, and a user is setup as a facilitator for those sessions, when the facilitator tries to access any of those sessions from the Catalog Home page, regardless of which session they click on they will be directed to the session that they were most recently defined as a facilitator.

This problem has been addressed so that the facilitator will be directed to the correct session based on the session they click on from the Catalog Home page.

Activity Enrollment Video Statuses report doesn’t display data for Restricted Admin

If a Restricted Admin is given permission to run a specific Activity Enrollment Video Statuses report, when they view the report results no data will show, even if the Restricted Admin has permission to manage Students in a specified group.

We’ve corrected this issue so that Restricted Admin in this scenario will see the data results for those people they have permission to see in the Activity Enrollment Video Statuses report.



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