Release Notes - Week Ending October 12th, 2018




Personalized learning plans are now a reality! Plan is the next step in our long-term strategy to sustain your users’ attention and keep them coming back for more content and more meaningful professional growth. Plan is a new page in the Learner View, accessible from the left-hand navigation, that replaces the My Library icon and page. From the Plan page, a learner can directly engage with their learning plan, laid out by quarter, to help them feel more connected to their professional development.

To learn all about Plan, check out this help article.


Video controls not displaying in Firefox right away

When a video activity (either linked or embedded) was accessed by a Student using Firefox, the video controls for the video wouldn’t display immediately - they usually appeared after 20-30 seconds. We have fixed this bug so that the video controls appear from the start of the video when using Firefox.

‘From’ email address for all system letters wasn’t standard

A few different email addresses were being used as the default “From” email address for letters sent by the system. We have standardized the “From” field to “”.




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