Release Notes - Week Ending October 5th, 2018



SEO Enhancements applied to public catalogs

If an account is specified to allow public activities, we have implemented a number of search engine optimization enhancements that will allow search engines to crawl all available pages on the site and improve search result rankings.



External Credit Comments not appearing in External Credits Report

Last week, we added a new “Comments” field that can be used to enter miscellaneous text for an External Credit. Unfortunately, the Comments field wasn’t displaying in the External Credit Report, so it couldn’t be queried or output in the report. We’ve fixed this problem and now the “External credit comments” field is available in the the External Credits Report.



Some User Names not displaying correctly on Profile and Awards pages

When a user’s name displayed on the Profile page and for Awards, we tried to validate title casing and, for example, ensure names like “O’Donnell” and “McAllister” displayed correctly with the proper capitalizations, instead of as “O’donnell” and “Mcallister.” To ensure that the names entered into the First Name and Last Name fields of the user record are preserved, we are now displaying these name fields as-is in the system.

Miscellaneous Activity Session fixes

We’ve fixed the following miscellaneous issues with activity sessions:

  • If a Facilitator was dropped from a session, they would erroneously receive a cancelled session email notification. Now they will receive a “You are no longer a facilitator of the session…” email.
  • In the above scenario, the Facilitator will now be able to join the session as a Student (whereas they could not before).
  • If a Student dropped a session, they would still see the “Join” link when viewing the session. Now, they will not see the “Join” link unless they re-enroll into the session.


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