Personalizing a Most Excellent Learning Journey with Plan

What if you could identify skills gaps and create personalized learning plans to help learners overcome those gaps? Guess what... now you can!

TL; DR - The New Plan Page is a Very Big Deal

  • Your learners need a personalized connection to their learning and career development in order to stay engaged -  Plan does just that
    • By laying out activities in a clean, logical, time-based UI that's easy to access, Plan creates a longer, more meaningful timeline for learning and career development
    • Plan supports any activity type, including Paths and Sessions
  • We replaced the “My Library” page with something bigger and better
    • Rather than an arbitrary list of every activity a learner has opened, she now sees a thoughtful, intentional list of activities that she and her manager have explicitly put there
    • The “Current” tab is a thing of the past
    • But don’t worry - all the other tabs from My Library have just been moved to the new Plan menu in the left nav
  • Action plans are (at most) only a click away
    • Learners can add and remove content they personally value using the new “Add to Plan” button in every activity
    • Managers and admins can also add and remove activities directly from the Plan page
    • And get this… Exceed can automatically add recommended activities as an outcome of Evaluations and Assessments
  • Plan is currently available on staging and goes live in production on 10/11

Personalization is Key

It’s no secret that Exceed is an engagement platform disguised as an LMS. Did you know that introducing personalized learning strategies can boost engagement by 71% within the first few months? We keep track of data like that, and we see it over and over again. Essentially, a job isn’t “just a job” anymore:

  • 87% of millennial learners see professional growth and career development as an integral part of any job (Gallup)
  • 69% of learners have a strong desire to do their job better or faster
  • In the future (beyond 2020), all learning will in some way be personalized and machine-driven (Deloitte)

Personalization can tap the modern learner’s desire to grow and improve, and turn it into a deeper and more personally empowered form of engagement. And guess what--with Exceed you don’t have to wait until 2020 to start tapping the power of personalized, machine-driven learning.

Enter Plan

You may have noticed a common theme in our releases over the past few quarters: engagement, re-engagement, deeper engagement through personalization. It’s all about engagement. Plan is the next step in our long-term strategy to sustain your users’ attention and keep them coming back for more content and more meaningful professional growth.

So, other than a tool to engage users through personalization, what is Plan? Great question! Plan is a new page in the Learner View, accessible from the left-hand nav, that replaces the My Library icon and page.


From here, a learner can directly engage with her learning plan, laid out by quarter, to help her feel more connected to her professional development. The quarterly view is divided by a clean dotted line, separating required and dated (due date or session date) activities from recommended and elected activities.

Three Words: Simple. Powerful. Flexible.

To enhance the user’s experience, we’ve packed the Plan page UI with easy-to-use features. For example, by hovering over anything on the list, learners can see more details about that activity, including who recommended or required it and its due date. On the left side, you’ll see a filter, which allows the learner to toggle between the pertinent Topics. On the right side, managers, admins, and learners can click the “Edit” button to add, remove or even move activities to different quarters in their plan.

Wondering what happened to the tabs from the My Library page? Well, look no further than the super-convenient Plan menu in the left-hand nav, which contains links to the learner’s profile, favorited activities, completion history, and more (see above GIF).

And speaking of completion history, the Plan page features a plan-specific history view. So, let’s say a learner or manager wants to revisit content from a previous quarter, she can easily do so using the new “Show History” button, which adds past quarters to the top of the plan. On top of all that, the plan page supports all activity types, including Sessions.

In short, Plan is most excellent.

Learning should be an excellent adventure

Do you remember Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure? Well, as a quick refresher, it was the 1989 classic that detailed the failure of a learning environment (aka, San Dimas High School) to support the needs of their learners (aka, Bill and Ted), and the lengths these learners will go in order to achieve their fullest potential (aka, time travel), forcing them to personalize their learning experience by kidnapping historical figures and dramatically parading them about in front of the school (aka, “Excellent!”). Transpose that on the learning space and, well, that’s the rough equivalent of a Copywriter kidnapping a bunch of Content Strategy Directors in order to learn how to advance his career. While that idea is just crazy enough that it might work (#networking), wouldn’t it be better if learners were able to have that deeply personal (and excellent) connection to their learning journey without all that low-key (albeit entertaining) crime?


The good news is: you don’t need a time-traveling phone booth to personalize the learning experience for your users. Exceed is all about making learner engagement easier and more aligned with the future of learning.

There’s More than One Way to Make a Plan

So how does a Plan come to be? Well, put simply, you and your learners have options. First, in the Learner view, all unlocked activities have an “Add to Plan” button in the upper right corner, next to the Share and Add to Favorites buttons. Add to Plan allows learners to easily add (and remove) activities they think will be useful for their professional growth. Yes, this includes Discover Tab content! Then there’s the personalized Plan page, where learners can easily remove any non-required activities directly from their Plan page. Managers also have access to their Direct Reports’ Plan page in the Learner view. Accessible through the Direct Reports list, Managers can view and edit any member of their team’s Plan by dragging and dropping required and recommended activities into any quarter.

Machine-Driven Recommendations

With Plan, adding meaningful content to your learners’ personalized learning adventure has never been easier. In addition to the ability for learners and managers to manually add activities to a Plan, Exceed can automatically add recommended content as an outcome to a couple system actions. First, there’s our hot-rodded performance tracking engine, called Evaluations. In order to better align skills performance and learning goals, Evaluations allows the learner to evaluate herself on a list of position-specific responsibilities and enables her manager to use those same criteria to assess her performance and identify gaps between execution and expectation.

From here, Exceed compares the self-evaluations to the manager’s and generates personalized recommendations tailored to fill in skills gaps. Additionally, an admin can set auto-enrollments as an outcome of an assessment that it automatically adds to the learner’s personalized plan. Once those outcomes have been set, Exceed intelligently places the new content on the learner’s plan, either according to the activity’s due date (if there is one) or in the next quarter that’s not filled up (based on account-specific content limits). Ask your strategist to find out more about how content limits affect your learners’ plans.

By positioning these automatic recommendations as direct results of a learner’s performance and evaluations thereof, each and every learner owns the content they see in their learning plan, and that ownership empowers them to more deeply engage with the training content. And these automatic additions ease the personalization and engagement burden on manager. With Plan, the future is now and, like the heavy-metal utopian future of Bill and Ted’s, everybody is most excellent.

Ready to Dig In? Great.

We don’t all have future versions of ourselves to come back in time to tell us how to achieve our highest potential, but Exceed does provide us with some pretty excellent tools to do something similar. Plan is currently available in your staging environment and will go live in production on October 11th, 2018. Check with your strategist to see how you can best use Plan to improve the learning experience of your users. And, as always, if you’re looking for a more technical discussion of the feature, check out our Help Desk article on the subject.

In conclusion, San Dimas High School Football rules! Or something along those lines.

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