Markdown Text Guide

Markdown is a simple language used to convert text to HTML, allowing you to use plain text formatting to style text as you are writing it. This guide will cover the basic features of markdown text, however if you'd like a comprehensive overview of markdown's syntax, please visit the creator's web page.



Type this...

To get this...

Heading 1 This is an H1     or       # This is an H1

This is an H1

Heading 2

This is an H2     or     ## This is an H2

This is an H2

Other Headings #### This is an H4

This is an H4

Bold **This is bold**   or    __This is bold__ This is bold
Italic *This is italics*    or     _This is italics_ This is italics

> This is the first level of quoting.
> > This is a nested blockquote.
> Now we're back to the first level.

Unordered List

* Eenie   or  + Eenie   or  - Eenie
* Meenie     + Meenie      - Meenie
* Minie        + Minie         - Minie
* Moe          + Moe          - Moe

  • Eenie
  • Meenie
  • Minie
  • Moe
Ordered List 1. Chicago
2. Portland
3. Atlanta
  1. Chicago
  2. Portland
  3. Atlanta
Link [Intellum]( Intellum
Image ![Alt text](
Horizontal Rule     ***        or          ---         or         ___  
Code (block)
(3 or more tickmarks " ` ")

 Here comes a code block:

    # code block
    print 'indent 4 spaces or'
    print 'indent 1 tab'

Code (inline)  Use the `printf()` function.  




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