Topic Following

Students may follow Topics in the system, which will provide them personalized rows of content to choose from on their Catalog Home page. As a result, each time they visit Exceed the content will be customized and fresh. To enable Topic Following in your account, please contact your Account Strategist or email Technical Support.


Recently, "Categories" were renamed "Topics." This change reflects our direction towards curation experts who can become "topic experts." As a result, Topics now have an option to show a hero image, which, along with the description, will be shown in the Student view:


Note that if a mobile version of the Hero Image is not uploaded, the desktop version will be used in its place. Also, if a Topic does not have the "Display In Catalog" property checked, Students will not be able to see the Topic on the Browse page, however the Topic will still impact recommendations in the system, and be available in Smart Rows (see below). We call these types of Topics "Shadow Topics."

Student Experience

Following and Unfollowing

From a Student perspective, it is very easy to follow a Topic. All Topics now have a toggle button on the Topic page (accessible from the Browse page), allowing a Student to follow or unfollow the Topic.

Follow button:


Unfollow button:


Note that if no Hero Image exists for the Topic, the Follow/Unfollow button will display at the top of the Topic page, next to the Topic name:



Browse Page

On the Browse page, icons now appear next to the Topic names to signify whether a Topic is being followed or not (a checkmark means the Topic is being followed, a plus sign means the Topic is not being followed). This makes it easy to follow or unfollow Topics without having to drill down into each Topic page.


Smart Rows

Based on the Topics a Student is following, Smart Rows can appear on the Catalog Home page. This replaces the old "Category" rows that could be added to the Catalog Home page for a Branding Organization. On the Catalog Home tab for each Branding Organization, a "Show Topic Smart Rows" option appears at the bottom of the page:


When enabled, any Student who is part of that Branding Organization will see Smart Rows display at the bottom of their Catalog Home page which includes the relevant content based on what the Student is following. At most 10 Smart Rows display and they are randomized weekly.


User Profile

At the top of a Student's User Profile page, the number of Topics followed is listed:


Both public and private views of the profile display this, however the private profile allows the text to be clicked, which displays a pop-up with labels displaying the Topics being followed. Clicking the "X" on any label lets the Student unfollow any Topic displayed.




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