Collections are a new activity type that allows grouping Path activities into a more meaningful learning experience, allowing more tangible learning goals.

A Collection is similar to a Path in that it shares virtually all of a Path's properties.

A Collection is created in a similar way as any other type of activity:

  1. From the Activities page in the Admin view, click on the New Activity button and select "Collection."
  2. Give the Collection a title and an optional description, then click the Save button.


  3. You will be on the default Content tab for the Collection. This page looks and behaves just like the Content tab for a Path, except with Collections you may only add existing or create new Path activities, and create new Sections.


    Note that the Sections of a Collection can be completed in any order by the Student. The individual Paths within a Section, however, can be set to "Complete in Any Order," "Complete in Order," or "Optional," just like for activities in a path.

  4. On the Properties page, you'll see mostly the same editable fields that exist on the Path Properties page. There are, however, a few differences:

    - The same image is used for both the Hero and Cover Art images (uploaded in the Hero Image field). The image should be in 16:9 format, with a minimum size of 1200 x 675 and a recommended size of 2400 x 1350. Although not required, if no image is uploaded, the hero image space will be filled with the account's background color.

    - There is no "Display as Cards" option; the Student view will only display Paths as cards in a Collection.

    - Collections cannot be scheduled like the other activity types.

Student Experience

When a Student views a Collection in the Catalog, they will notice a new icon denoting the Collection activity type:


When the Collection is clicked on, the Student sees a view similar to a Path view, except the collection will only contain included Paths, which display as cards. While the Sections may be completed in any order, the Paths within each Section are accessed according to the settings determined by the admin:



The experience of navigating through a Path to an Activity will be exactly the same, except we have now introduced breadcrumbs which appear at the top left of the screen:


A Student may click a link in the breadcrumbs to navigate back to the Path or Collection page directly. If the Student closes out of a Path or Activity via the "X" icon at the top left of the page, they will be brought back to the listing page from where they first launched the Collection (Catalog, Browse or My Library page).



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