Combining Simplicity and Power

Simplicity is one of our goals here at Intellum. We know that sometimes being an account admin can feel a bit like you’re overseeing a needlessly complicated machine operating in the face of a fairly simple goal of getting content in front of your users.

Like this, but less adorable ;-)

And it’s true: Exceed is a complex, powerful means of delivering learning materials. But unlike a Rube Goldberg machine, there is a purpose. Everything we do, we do to make a better, more intuitive, and smarter experience for you and your teams. Combine that with simplicity for both Students and Admins, and you’ve got our latest feature enhancements!

Topic Following

We’re taking targeted content organization to the next level. So you may remember that we recently changed some wording in Exceed: “Categories” is now known as “Topics.” This change may have snuck under your radar, since on its own it’s fairly minor, but the verbiage is part of a bigger conceptual push to make meaningful content more available to your learners. By enabling users to select Topics that interest them, you allow users to generate their own Smart Rows on their Catalog Home based on these subject areas. Because the content of these Smart Rows comes directly from the user, as an Admin you won’t need to activate or populate them in any Branding Orgs; thus simplifying your role in creating each learner’s experience, while increasing their engagement with meaningful and targeted content. In time, this functionality will continue to grow and get even smarter, helping you as an Admin know what Topics are important to your users and better manage their learning. Plus, it’s behind a feature flag, so you don’t need to turn it on just yet!

Post Activity Enhancements

This one's for you, Admins. The Post Activity type has been a mainstay of our content delivery platform, especially since we added the ability to add Sessions to them. But in the past, the content of a Post Activity was limited to basic formatting and embedded links and images (hosted externally). Well, you asked for it, and we heard you! We’ve added enhanced Markdown formatting, as well as the ability to drag and drop image files inline with your text in the Content tab of the Post Activity type. This way, your Post Activities will look and function a lot more like a true blog post, while improving the learner's experience of and engagement with your content. And, in case you’re wondering, you'll retain your ability to use HTML formatting in the Activity Description, and the images you upload in the Content tab won’t currently affect your account storage limit.

New Activity Type: Collections!

Seriously, we can't contain our excitement about this new Activity type...

Have you ever wished you could create a Path and add Paths to it? Well, that’s not exactly what Collections do, but it’s pretty darn close and, by our calculations, much more powerful! In short, Collections are a brand new Activity type that allow you to add multiple Paths (and only Paths), organized by Sections, and order them however you see fit. Leveraging the power of Path functionality, Collections let you group paths to provide a more meaningful and engaging overall learning experience, with more tangible learning goals. For example, you could easily create a multi-stage certification program. On top of all that, this addition won’t affect any existing Paths or Activities; so, again, it’s your choice to use it.

These additions and enhancements are big wins for everyone using Exceed. Clearly we at Intellum believe these new releases benefit the platform as well as all of our clients--that's you! We work hard to maintain a great, functional LMS while leveraging modern UI styles that are familiar to your learners and the visionary tech that will keep us all on the leading edge of user engagement and content delivery. These features are part of our long-term goals of enhancing and simplifying both the Student and Admin experiences in Exceed, while driving engagement through the availability of meaningful content to your users.

These features are currently available in your staging environment and will go live in production on Wednesday, May 9. For more details, ask your Account Strategist or check out these related Help Desk articles:

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