Post Activity Editor Enhancement

We've made it easier to add images when creating/editing a Post activity, as well as making other improvements to the Post editor.


Although the Post Activity Editor allows the adding of images through markdown syntax and having the images hosted elsewhere, we have made it much easier to add images to your Posts through direct uploading and drag-and-drop functionality. Our new Post Activity Editor is as easy-to-use as editors found in some of the most widely used website builders!

When creating or editing a Post activity, the Content tab will display an enhanced version of the Editor:


The first thing you'll notice is the addition of icons to the right of the "Write" and "Preview" tabs. From left to right, these icons are (with any alternate keyboard shortcuts):

  • Format as link  (Cmd/Ctrl + k)
  • Choose header size
  • Bold text  (Cmd/Ctrl + b)
  • Italicised text  (Cmd/Ctrl + i)
  • Format as quote
  • Format as unordered list
  • Format as ordered list

In addition, adding an image to your Post is easy. In fact, there are three ways to add image(s) to your Post: drag-and-drop, upload the file via a dialog box (using the "selecting a file" link), or paste from the clipboard. This means images do not have to be hosted elsewhere and can be added directly to the Post activity without counting towards your account's storage limit.

Finally, a link to a Markdown guide remains so that you may access information about Markdown language syntax to use in building your content for the Post. We have created a simple Markdown Text Guide that can be printed out for easy reference.

Note - to undo an edit, click Ctrl-Z (Windows) or Cmd-Z (Mac)!

With these enhancements, it's easier to create Post activities that are styled to your liking. With a combination of markdown text and images, you can build engaging Posts that will attract your Students' attention. Here is an example of the editor in use:


And here is the output from that text:





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