Release Notes - Week Ending May 4th, 2018


New date validation on certain date fields

We have added a new type of date validation to the following date fields:

  • User Hired On
  • Session Start Time
  • Session End Time

The validation being performed is meant to prevent nonsensical dates, which caused problems with reporting. Now, the validation will reject the above dates more than 100 years in the future or more than 100 years in the past. If an admin enters a date that the validation rejects, they will see an error in the user interface denoting the date is out of range:


Note that this validation will also occur for any integrations containing these date types. If the validation returns an error, it will be seen in the system log.



Restricted Admin with custom field(s) granting permission not seeing complete list of activities

If a Restricted Admin exists who has permission to view specific activities, and is granted permission to those activities via a custom field on their user profile, the complete list of activities they were permitted to view wouldn’t display. We have fixed this issue so that a Restricted Admin in this circumstance will see the complete list of activities they have access to view.

Back button from Activity page doesn’t work properly in Safari browser

If a Student navigates to an Activity page via one of the listing pages (i.e., Catalog, My Library), and then clicks the Back button in the Safari browser, they will not be returned to the listing page they navigated from. This bug has been fixed so that the Back button will work properly in this scenario.


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