Release Notes - Week Ending April 20th, 2018



“Categories” are now “Topics”

We’ve made a few simple changes to Categories:

  • The term “Category” has been replaced with “Topic.” You will see this change throughout the user interface, however the functionality is the same.
  • Just like an activity, a Hero Image may now be uploaded for a Topic, which will display at the top of the page when a Student browses the Topic.
  • An additional checkbox has been added to allow admins to decide whether to display the Topic in the Catalog.



Clarification on Default Landing Page functionality

Two weeks ago, we made the “My Library” page the fallback Default Landing Page if any other page which wasn’t set to display to the Student was set as the Default Landing Page. We’ve created the following flowchart to clarify the overall functionality of which page will show depending on the different circumstances a Student could encounter:




Enrollment attachments data added to Enrollments API (v2)

We’ve added the ability to return enrollment attachments data in the index and show calls in the Enrollments API. The parameter “with_attachments=1” in an index or show call will get attachments data back via XMl or JSON calls. Including this parameter will return only enrollments that have attachments.


Answer options for “Rank” question displayed incorrectly

When a Student encountered a “Rank” type question in an Assessment, the answer options would display vertically in an offset fashion. We’ve fixed this bug so that the answer options display horizontally like they should:



Header issues in Markdown for Post Content area

When an admin edited the Content tab of a Post activity with Markdown text, the header markdown (for H1, H2, etc.) wasn’t styling correctly. Using a hashtag (#) in front of text should specify an H1 header (two hashtags for H2, three hashtags for H3, etc.). Also, the plus sign (+) or asterisk (*) should specify bullet points. Sometimes this markdown was being ignored, however we have corrected this problem so that the markdown text is recognized and the text is styled appropriately.


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