Enhanced Auto Enrollments for Assessments

To improve enrollment targeting based on assessment results, we've improved the assessment-based enrollment functionality (i.e. "Actions") in the following two areas:

  1. Admins can create enrollments based on the total assessment score, not just that of a question pool.
  2. Admins can create enrollments based on a score range, not just a binary score value.


A new Actions tab displays for an Assessment activity, which replaces the Actions dropdown at the question pool level.


Now, all the ‘Actions’ an admin has created for the assessment or any of it questions pools will display on this page, as well as the ability to add a new action, and edit/delete existing actions.


Create an Action

To create a new action, click the Add New Action button at the top right of the page. The following pop-up modal displays:


Type - select whether to apply this action to one of the question pools defined for the assessment, or Assessment Total for the assessment as a whole

Score - define a numerical range (between 0 and 100) for which a Student's score will trigger this action

Add to Plan - select Recommended or Required, and search for the activity that the Student will be enrolled in if they fall in the Score range. The activity will display on the Student's plan in the selected status. Note that the same activity can be defined in multiple actions for the same assessment.

Due within - enter an optional number of days within which the activity will be due

Click the Save button when finished.


To update or delete an action, click the pencil or trash can icon to the right of the action.


If there’s already an existing incomplete enrollment for the action, the enrollment type or due date will only be modified if the new value is stricter:

  • Elected can become recommended or required, and recommended can only become required
  • Dates can only become sooner, or if currently null it would be given a date





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