In our efforts to drive Student interaction through a more personalized learning plan, we have introduced Plan. Exceed's new Plan functionality replaces the My Library tab to present Students' activities in a structured, organized, and time-based interface. The new Plan interface organizes Evaluation-based enrollments in the broader context of all the other content learners are consuming, which results in a simplified browsing experience.


When a Student logs into the system for the first time after Plan is enabled and accesses the page, they will see a pop-up box notifying them of all the new items that have been added to their Plan, including how it was added and the date it occurred:


If the account doesn't have Evaluations and/or the Browse page turned on, then the message "Your Plan Is Empty" along with buttons to either take an Evaluation or Browse the catalog are presented, in order to generate activities viewable in Plan.


Plan Page

The Plan page is accessible via the Plan tab in the Student navigation menu.


You'll notice that in addition to the Plan tab replacing the My Library tab, many of the pages from My Library are now directly accessible in the menu. Favorites, History and External Credits are all a click away, and we've also added My Sessions from the Browse page here as well. All of the pages that are navigated to from these links are unchanged, however, and contain the same content.

The Plan page shows activity enrollments in a quarterly view, starting with the current quarter as well as up to the next two quarters. The page contains four main sources of content:

  1. Enrollments created as a result of an Evaluation
  2. Enrollments created from an Assessment result
  3. Admin/Manager-assigned activities (required or recommended)
  4. Self-elected activities the learner has intentionally added to their Plan


Any activity type, including session enrollments, can go on the Plan. However, Facilitators will not see the sessions they are facilitating. These will appear in the My Sessions section. Also, the activities on the page can be filtered by the checkboxes on the left side of the page, including required and recommended status, or by topic.

Students can hover over an activity to view details including progress and how the activity was added to the Plan:


Within each quarter, activities are ordered by the due date of the enrollment. Also within a given quarter, enrollments are grouped into two sections:

Above the dotted line

  • Activities that are required or have a date (due date or session date)

Below the dotted line

  • Activities that are NOT required and do NOT have a date

For example in the above screenshot, for the Jul - Sep quarter, two activities are required, and in the Oct - Dec quarter, one activity has a session date defined, therefore these activities are "above the dotted line" in their respective quarters. Any due dates or sessions dates will appear to the right of an activity name.

Managers can view and manage the Plan page for their direct reports. They have a few additional edit options (see below). They can also add to their direct report’s Plan - if they do and the item is already on the Plan but with a different enrollment type and/or due date a confirmation message will display.

When an activity on the Plan is completed it’ll stay visible on the plan. Completion only includes Passed (blue checkmark) and Failed (red X) statuses. Equivalent completions will show with a gray checkmark, however they won’t be taken into account when determining if a past quarter is complete. Any quarter (past or present) that has an incomplete activity will stay visible on the Plan page. Once all activities in the quarter are complete AND the quarter is in the past it will no longer display on the Plan page, however users can show these past quarters via the Show History link at the top of the page. 


Editing the Plan

Clicking the Edit Plan link at the top right of the page allows Students and their Managers to move and/or remove activities from the Plan.


Activities can be moved by the double-line icon next to the left of activity name, and are removed by the "x" icon to the right of the activity name.

Within each quarter:

Above the dotted line

  • Student: can remove anything not required, but cannot move anything
  • Manager: can remove anything and can move enrollments without a date

Below the dotted line

  • Student: can remove and move all activities
  • Manager: can remove and move all activities

Here are some additional "rules" for moving and removing activities:

  • When a Student removes an activity from the Plan its enrollment status is changed to dropped.
  • When a manager moves an activity from "above the dotted line" to "below the dotted line" (or vice versa) the enrollment status changes per the rules of what goes above/below (e.g. if a recommended activity with a due date is moved below the line, the due date is removed).
  • Activities can only be moved to current & future quarters.
  • While the "x" button on the Plan page drops the activity enrollments, activities can also be dropped on the Activity page via the Remove From Plan icon.


Students can add any unlocked activity from the catalog to their plan (possible locked reasons: disclaimer needs to be accepted, no available seats, activity restricted to a particular group of Students, outstanding prerequisites, etc.). This is possible via the Add To Plan icon at the top of the Activity page.



Content Limit

The amount of activities that can be added to a quarter is dependent on the Plan Quarter Content Limit setting, found on the Settings page.


Whenever an activity without an explicit due date is added to the Plan it will be added to a quarter based on the activity’s duration, the account’s quarterly content limit, and the next available quarter. Activities with an explicit due date will go into the quarter of the respective due date.

Activities without durations will use these default values:

  • Collection - 3 hours
  • Path - 1 hour
  • Standalone activity - 10 minutes

Dragging/moving activities between quarters will not take into account the content limit at all.


Browse Page impact

With the changes made in moving from the My Library to the Plan page, including the new links in the navigation menu, the Browse page has been altered to remove redundancies. Now, the only buttons at the top of the page are All Activities, All Sessions, and Awards. Topics on the Browse page remain unchanged.




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