Release Notes - Week Ending April 13th, 2018



‘Activity Code’ now displays in Survey dropdown on Activity Properties page

Four weeks ago we added the activity code in multiple areas of the system to aid the administrator when choosing an activity. Now, we are adding the activity code to the Survey dropdown on the Activity Properties page as well:



Deactivated eLearning activities no longer count towards storage limit

Instead of administrators needing to delete eLearning activities when they are encountering their account’s storage limit, we are now no longer counting deactivated activities towards the storage limit. Administrators may now deactivate activities they aren’t currently using to free up space.

New Heading styles applied to the UI

A number of global changes have been made in the CSS and HTML of Student pages in the system. Most of these changes do not impact how things look, however there are a few visual changes that are noticeable:

  • Assessment Heading - not bolded any more; “Your Answers” not bolded and all capitals
  • User Profile menu - the user name is now bold
  • Edit User Profile - heading changed and formatted to look like other Student pages
  • Sessions - The Session name now looks like the activity name on a catalog card. Time of the session is not bolded any more. All Sessions listing has the activity name bolded.

Note: If you are using custom CSS, any rules that include h1, h2, etc. in their selectors may be affected. Also, if you are using widgets or a special registration form you should check those pages to see if you want to make any adjustments to your custom CSS.

‘Score’ and ‘Credit Units’ fields added to Awards

If the Score and Credit Units fields are defined for an activity that has an Award attached, those fields will now display on the Award graphic:



‘My Library’ page is now the fallback page shown for all Default Landing Page options.

If a particular page is disabled but selected as the branding organization’s Default Landing Page, the Student will now be sent to their My Library page (since that page is always enabled).


Selecting all enrollments with only one enrollment present disabled Show button

When viewing the enrollments for an activity, if only one student was enrolled and the admin clicked on the top “Select All” button, effectively selecting only the one student, the Show button (which would display a modal with enrollment details for that student) would not work. This bug has been fixed so that the Show button works in this scenario.

Scheduled activities did not display a few enrollment properties

After Activity Scheduling was rolled out in January, a couple of Enrollment Properties went missing on the Activity Properties page of a scheduled activity. The “Revoke enrollment access after due date is reached” and “Hide enrollments to this activity until the due date is x Days away” properties didn’t display for any scheduled activity. This issue has been corrected and these two property fields now display for scheduled activities.

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