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Level is a tool that reinforces the development of successful habits through "gamification." It does this by assigning point values to activities and actions in Exceed and Tribe, which allows managers to better understand how their direct reports are performing by tracking and aggregating performance metrics from these apps and/or third-party app integrations (like Salesforce, GitHub, Zendesk, etc.).

Level also has a configurable badge system, allowing an organization to further gamify the process with custom badges triggered by events associated with a number of reward points. In order for this to be effective (and create a "habit"), engagement with Students needs to happen on an almost daily basis. For example, accessing Tribe daily could be considered (and defined as) a habit.

The points system, badges and third party data integrations are completely customizable, allowing admin to tie the gamified performance tracking experience into the organization's brand.


Accessing Level

To access Level from Exceed, click the App Switcher icon at the top right of Exceed, and choose the "Level" icon:



"Me" Page

When you first access the Level app, you will be taken to the "Me" page. This page has four different areas of information: My Level, Level Up Progress, View Metrics and Badges.



My Level - This area displays the number of experience points (XP) earned by the student to-date, as well as their place among other students in the system. The amount of XP earned also determines the Level number that the student has attained. In the example above, the Student is currently at Level 2.

Level Up Progress - This area shows the number of XP the student has earned at their current level, as well as the number of XP required to progress to the next level. In the example above, the student currently has earned 4183 XP on Level 2, and requires a total of 5300 XP to progress to Level 3.

View Metrics - By clicking on the View Metrics link, students may examine monthly, quarterly or yearly achievements across a number of tracked activities and actions (see below).

Badges - In this area, students will see the badges they have earned for completing certain activities and actions. In the example above, the student has earned a total of 6 badges out of a total 23 possible. Unearned badges are grayed out.


Metrics page

The metrics tab allows the student to view their activity and XP for the current month and compare XP and activity month over month. When first landing on the page, the activity for the current month is expanded, but any of the previous months displayed can be expanded to view its detail.



Depending on which activities and actions have been configured in Level, you will see a separate row for each "type" of interaction. For example, "Engagements"  can be defined as Tribe posts, Reviews in Exceed, or other actions from third-party integrations. "Completions" are usually set up to track the completion of activities in Exceed. Other metrics like "Course credits" (which can track the total credits earned in Exceed), "Commits" (which can track number of commits in GitHub), or any other interaction from an integrated system can be defined and tracked in Level. This flexibility makes it easy for administrators to define and measure activity in other applications in order to gain insight on how learning affects performance.

Students can also view their metrics by quarter or year, by clicking on the icon at top right of the screen:



Team Page

Clicking on the Team icon in the left navigation displays the Team page. Administrators can define different teams of students based on criteria in Exceed, and Level data filtered by team can be viewed here. This "leaderboard" functionality encourages students to compete with their peers via the leaderboard where they are ranked, by XP, in real time. Students can click on a peer to explore and compare that team member’s status to their own. Data from month to month can be viewed by clicking the left and right arrows at the top of the page, and, as on the Metrics page, the data can be viewed by month, quarter or year.



Notifications Page

On the Notifications page (reached via the Notifications icon in the left navigation), Students will see a chronological list of achievements, including badges and level-ups obtained.




Level empowers both the student and administrators to make very specific correlations between learning content delivered through Exceed, reinforced "socially" through Tribe and measured via Level. By including the integration of other third-party applications, Level provides its audience with a fun and  meaningful way to measure how learning impacts performance.



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