Release Notes - Week Ending September 7th, 2018




As the desire for user engagement grows, we’ve enhanced how notifications work in Exceed to deliver meaningful recommendations and personalized messaging based on each individual user’s journey through the LMS. The Notification feature implements functionality that surfaces notification cards via an Updates tray and creates an engaging weekly email. To learn more about Notifications, click here.


Due Date Reminder letters sometimes not getting sent on daily basis

When an admin creates a Due Date Reminder letter trigger for an activity, it is supposed to trigger daily until the Student completes the enrollment. Due to the variability in the job that processes every 24 hours to send these emails out, sometimes the Due Date Reminder email wasn’t getting sent out on a daily basis. We have fixed this issue and now Due Date Reminder emails will get sent out every day as intended.

Date on Award page wasn’t translating to French Canadian locale

When a student in the French Canadian (fr-CA) locale viewed an Award page, the completion date was displaying in English and not in French Canadian. This bug has been corrected and now the date will display in French Canadian on the Award page.

“Launch” button displays after Session End Time

If a “launchable” activity (e.g., assessment, eLearning) has an open session and a Student launches it at the Start time, the “Launch” button shouldn’t be visible on the Session page after the End Time for the session. We have corrected this problem so that the Launch button is hidden after the End Time for the session.



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