Boost Learner Engagement with a Radical New Approach to Personalization

Automatically keep learners up-to-date with announcements, relevant content, and deadlines.

High-level summary

Are you into TL;DR’s? Here’s the takeaway.

  1. We’re launching an awesome new approach to keeping your users updated
  2. Learners will have access to a new icon called Notifications. When clicked, a dropdown appears, full of exciting new Notifications Cards
  3. Exceed can now automatically generate these learner notification cards, including:
    1. Upcoming Activity card - displays any activity with a due date in the next week
    2. Level Badge Earned and Award cards - inform a user, in real time, when they’ve achieved badges and awards
    3. Almost Complete card - reminds a user to complete paths and collections they’ve abandoned
    4. Topic Following card - displays new content in topics and subtopics the learner has followed
    5. Discover Tab card - highlights the featured path of the week in the Discover Tab
  4. Admin can create their own notification cards, called Announcements and push them to all learners or any subset of learners
  5. Learners will receive a personalized weekly digest email showcasing their notifications and announcements (includes an unsubscribe link)
  6. Notifications go live in production on 9/6 (behind a feature flag)

Want to dig in? First, let’s talk about re-engagement

We talk a lot about engagement at Intellum. A lot. And for good reason. Engagement is the ultimate competitive advantage and (according to Gallup) can lead to incredibly impressive results, including:

  • 65% Lower Turnover
  • 10% Higher Customer Metrics
  • 21% Higher Productivity
  • 22% Higher Profitability

Heck, we believe so much in engagement-through-learning that we developed an entire learning delivery platform that streamlines and optimizes your ability to connect with your learners through your content. But filling the learning environment with content is not enough. The data proves that the best way to keep learners coming back (and engaged) is to consistently add new content. So we created the Open Asset approach, introduced curated content, and launched the Discover Tab to help solve the “where-will-all-this-content-come-from” problem.

Now we are working on the “how-will-learners-know-to-come-back-to-all-this-cool-stuff” problem, or what we think of as “re-engagement.” At the end of the day, this is a new and improved approach to notifications and announcements that combines three very important concepts:

  • Automatic Exceed-driven, in-app notifications that do not require any Admin intervention
  • Custom in-app announcements that empower the Admin to communicate directly with the learner
  • A automatically generated, personalized weekly email that showcases activity in the learning environment and reminds the learner to return

Show it to me

On September 6, the learner will notice a new icon in the upper right side nav bar, between the app selector and her profile icon. When she clicks it, her notifications center will appear as a dropdown, with notification cards in the order in which they were created, chronologically.




Each notification is clickable and can take the learner directly to any activity, award or link, which means Admin can also create custom notifications. Keep reading to find out more about how you can customize your learners’ notifications center!

How does it work?

Exceed will now automatically generate several default Notification Cards. The Upcoming Activity card shows any activity with a due date in the next week. The Level Badge Earned and Award cards inform a user, in real time, when they’ve achieved badges and awards. The Almost Complete card reminds a learner to complete paths and collections they’ve abandoned, based on a customizable percentage of completion and period of inactivity. If you have Topic Following turned on, learners will see new content in topics and subtopics with the Followed Topic card. Every week the Discover Tab card will highlight the #1 featured path from the Discover Tab.

Let’s See an Example: Almost Complete Card
A couple weeks ago, one of your learners nearly finished a path recommended by their manager. One Thursday morning, two weeks after she was last active within that path, she arrives to work with a new notification reminding her to complete it. Later that day, she completes the path and is immediately notified in her notifications center of the Award she just earned.

More Customization with Announcements

In addition to the automatically-generated Notification Cards, Unrestricted Admin will be able to create ad-hoc Announcement cards using text or links. Similar to the ad-hoc letters functionality, Announcement cards can be sent to any users you specify, anywhere users are selectable, including:

  • From the User List
  • From the Enrollment Tab inside a specific activity
  • From the Participants Tab in a Session

If you choose to add an activity link to your Announcement using the URL field, Exceed will automatically pull the preview image from that activity. Want to say “Happy Friday!” to your team? Easy peasy. Want to inform all users that a mandatory compliance training has been updated, linking them to the new version of the activity? No problem. We’re really proud of the versatility of the Announcement card and its potential to engage and re-engage the learner, and we can’t wait to see the creative ways you use it.


Every Sunday evening, your learners will receive an email digest containing every announcement and notification from the week. This added bit of re-engagement comes with no extra work on your part, as these emails are automatically generated. Recipients of the email can easily unsubscribe via a link in the email itself.

How about an Announcement Card Example
Periodically, a manager within your org likes to inform her team of Discover Tab content that she sees as pertinent to her team’s success. The Announcement card notification allows her to easily select her team from the user list and surface meaningful content to them in their notifications center and in the weekly digest email.

Ready to get started?

As of September 6, Notifications will be live in production, but it’s behind a feature flag; so if you want to tap the power of re-engagement, you’ll need to contact your Account Strategist to get it going. Once it’s on, we encourage you to check out what the default notification cards (discussed here) can do for you and your learners, then ask about what more you could be doing. Notifications are deeply customizable, and your strategist can guide you into optimizing your use of them. As always, for a more technical discussion of how this feature functions, check out our Help Desk article.

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