Release Notes - Week Ending April 6th, 2018



Path Progress calculation updated

Previously, the Path Progress percentage was being calculated based off “Required Activity Completions” divided by “Total Activities in Path.” We have updated the calculation to “Total Passed Activities” divided by “Total Activities in Path.” This will give a more accurate and consistent representation of a Student’s percentage progress through a Path.

Awards column added to Print History output

When a Student clicks the Print History button from the History page of My Library, they will now see an additional “Awards” column which designates whether an Award was earned for each activity listed.



‘Browse’ page option added for Default Landing Page

When editing the settings for a branding organization, an admin has the option to choose a specific Default Landing Page. We have added the Browse page as an option to the list, so that if this is selected, the main Browse page will become the page users land on after logging in (as well as when adminis choose the “Learner View” button in the left menu).


One caveat - if Browse is chosen, but the Browse page is not enabled for the branding organization, the user will land on the Catalog Home page.



Progress bar for courseware processing updates in realtime

When uploading a courseware package (SCORM or AICC) in a File activity, the system showed a progress bar but didn’t update progress. We have fixed this problem so that the progress bar will update in real time (after a few seconds), increasing gradually until the file is fully processed by the system.



Invalid courseware files couldn’t be deleted

When an admin uploaded a courseware file to a File activity and the .zip file wasn’t in the proper format (making it invalid), the system wouldn’t allow them to delete the file from the activity (thus making it impossible to upload a valid file). We have fixed this bug so that the Delete link will show up next to the zip file even if it’s an invalid file. In addition, we’ve improved the Package Status message that will display under the filename so that it is clear if the package is invalid.



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