Release Notes - Week Ending March 30th, 2018



Restricted Admin permissions now listed again on Properties page

Two weeks ago we introduced Group-based permissions, which allows administrators to define Restricted Admin permissions by group(s) via a pop-up window on the Activities, Sessions, Reports and Letters Properties pages. Unfortunately, to view the permissions (whether by group or individual), you had to click the “Manage Admin Permissions” button to view them in the pop-up. We are now listing the permissions directly on the Properties pages again so an admin can easily tell who has been assigned permissions.

Facilitators may now edit date/time/location/duration of a Session

Facilitators of a Session may now edit the date, time, location and duration properties. When a facilitator accesses a Session from their “My Library,” they will now see an “Edit Session Details” link. When clicked, the link displays a pop-up window which allows editing of the aforementioned properties.



New languages: Czech and Slovak added

We have added Czech and Slovak to our growing list of languages available for users to choose for their locale.

Please contact your Account Strategist if you’re interested in enabling these languages for your account.


New Mobile App Releases

Both the iOS and Android versions of the Exceed Mobile App have been updated with the following:

  • Ability to view, print and share Awards
  • eLearning course experience enhancements, including support for Landscape view and improved SCORM API communication with the LMS


Unable to enter source code for Post activity created within a Path

If an admin created a new Post activity from within a Path and tried to enter source code (HTML) for the Description field on the Properties page, the field wouldn’t be editable. We have corrected this issue so that source code can be entered into the Post’s Description field.

Scrolling left in a Catalog row on a Mac went to previous page

If a Student is on the Catalog Home page and uses the trackpad on a Mac to scroll left on a Catalog row, once they reached the beginning of the row the scrolling would continue, causing the browser to navigate to the previous page. We have addressed this navigational issue so that scrolling left in a Catalog row stops (only) at the beginning of the row.

Links weren’t distinguishable in Post activities

When a Student viewed a Post activity, any hyperlinks in the Description or Content of the Post would work, but would be visually indistinguishable from the rest of the text in the Post. We have addressed this problem by underlining any hyperlinks in the text.



Sample User Import file didn’t account for extra custom fields

If an account is set up to include an extra 10 custom user fields, when an admin tried to do a User Import using the sample file from the Bulk User Import page, the import would fail since the sample file did not include the 10 extra custom user fields. This problem has been solved by making sure the sample file includes the 10 extra custom user fields if the account is set up to use them.

Sequence-type Assessment question answers couldn’t be deleted

If an admin had created a Sequence-type Assessment question and tried deleting any of the answer options, they found they couldn’t do so. Clicking the trash can icon for any answer option yielded no result. We’ve fixed this bug so answer options for Sequence-type Assessment questions can be deleted.

‘Activity Passed’ message for video activity still displayed when Completion properties turned off

If a Video activity existed where both Completion properties for the activity were disabled (i.e., both the ‘Enable “Mark as Complete” button’ and ‘Automatically completes the activity once the video has 30 seconds remaining’ properties were unchecked), when the Student viewed the video to the end they would not be marked complete (correctly), but would still see the “Activity Passed” message display. This issue has been resolved so that in this scenario the “Activity Passed” message will NOT display.


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