Release Notes - Week Ending August 31st, 2018


New Letter Trigger Type: Award - Expiration

We have added a new letter trigger type for activities. The Award - Expiration letter trigger is an in-progress award reminder that will be available for activities that have an award and award expiration defined. Similar to a Due Date Reminder trigger, the Award - Expiration trigger will occur anywhere from 60 days before the award expiration date to 60 days after, depending on the “Remind” setting that is selected.



New message when Student assigned to Waitlist

When a Student tried to request an activity session that was full, it wasn’t very clear to them in the user interface that they were added to the waitlist, if a waitlist was defined. Now, prior to the Student getting added to the waitlist, they will see a modal stating “The session is full. Are you sure you want to join the waitlist?” At this point, they can click the Request button to be added to the waitlist or cancel the request.

Ability to alphabetize Assessment answer options

If an administrator has created a multiple choice question for an assessment, a new feature exists to alphabetize the answer options (based on the text entered for each option) when the question is saved.


If used, when a student takes the assessment and views the question, they will see the answer choices display in alphabetical order.

Improved help text when uploading new courseware package

When an admin needs to update an eLearning course package for a File activity, it is important to understand how the changes to the course affected the course’s structure and metadata, since this impacts whether to reset in-progress enrollments in the activity via a checkbox on the “Upload a New Package” modal. Since the administrator needs to make the decision to check that box or not, we’ve updated the help text on that modal to help in that decision.


Ideally, we recommend not updating, but creating a new activity with the new course package and using equivalencies to make the new eLearning activity and old one equivalent. This “versions” the course so you can track completion throughout the different versions of a course’s lifecycle.

eLearning course behavior enhancement

We’ve made an improvement to how eLearning (SCORM/AICC) courses behave and communicate with the LMS, especially when a student refreshes or closes out of a course window. Clients may choose to enable a feature where, if a student refreshes or closes their course window in the browser, a dialog box will appear confirming they wish to leave the course. This prevents some authored courses from leaving the course in an unusable state when a browser refresh is initiated by the student.


Completed icon on activity card shows red prior to due date

If a Student completed an activity with a defined due date, the checkmark icon that appears on the activity card would sometimes show with a red background instead of blue (making it seem as if it was past due) even if the Student completed the activity prior to the due date. We have fixed this bug so that if an activity is completed, it will always show the checkmark with a blue background regardless of whether it was completed before or after the due date.

‘Next Activity’ toast message simplified

We have simplified the notifications that appear in the “Next Activity” toast message, so that only completed and next activity messages display via this feature. This restricted focus ensures students maintain context within the current collection/path they may be working on.

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