Release Notes - Week Ending March 23rd, 2018



Awards Experience

We have combined microdegrees, certificates and certifications into one place - Awards! You can check out our announcement here.

You can now define image-based templates which can be applied across any activity you wish. We’ve moved from PDF to HTML in order to increase the responsiveness and flexibility of the user experience. Awards are now “built” from the following three elements:

  1. Badges - you can define a system-wide default and/or upload a custom badge for any activity!
  2. Top/Bottom image - customize your awards further by creating multiple award templates, comprised of PNG or JPG images that display above and below the award text.
  3. Celebration Type - As before, you can choose a specific celebration animation (or none) for your Students to see when they earn an award!

For more detailed information about Awards, click here.

User fields standardized across all reports

We’ve standardized the set of available User fields to ensure consistency across all report types that include them. For example, on the Activity Enrollments report, a few user fields (updated_on, registered_at, and updated_by) were not available, while they were on other reports that contained user data. Now the same set of user fields available is consistently defined across all reports that display user data.


Empty section in Path hides all other sections in card view

If a Path is set up with an empty section (a section that doesn’t include any activities or banners) and also has the “Card view” property checked (so that activities display as cards instead of a list view), when a Student collapses the section via the arrow icon all other sections below the empty section will collapse as well, so that no activities are showing.

We have addressed this problem so that only the empty section will collapse when its icon is clicked.

Clicking on Retake button for a Scheduled Activity gives error

If a Scheduled Activity is set to allow retakes and has more than one session, when a Student completed a Session and future Sessions remained an error would display after the Student clicked the “Retake” button. This bug has been fixed so that the Retake button will show all available Sessions of the Activity.

Student accessing activity with ‘Mark as Complete’ message encounters broken link

If a Student tried to access an activity which was set up with the “Mark as Complete” button AND accompanying message enabled, they would encounter a broken link page.


We’ve fixed this bug so that a Student can access the activity without issue in this scenario.

Admin Preference for LinkedIn ‘Add to Profile’ feature removed

On the Account Settings page, we have removed the “Show LinkedIn “Add to profile” button for microdegrees” setting and accompanying URL field. Since LinkedIn changed their API, we are unable to automatically link this way and it is now, unfortunately, a manual process.

Tribe sharing should only show for activities in catalog

If an activity was set up to not display in the catalog, and Tribe sharing was enabled in the account, the Student would still see the Tribe icon from the Social sharing dropdown. We have corrected this behavior so that the Tribe icon will not display for sharing if the activity is not included in the catalog.



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