Public Catalog

The Public Catalog feature allows you to make activities in your account accessible to users who are not logged in. These unauthenticated users will be able to access the Activity page for any public activities, but will be required to log in to the system when a completion action has been initiated.


To turn on the Public Catalog feature, please contact your Implementation or Account Manager. When activated, the Public Catalog will introduce a new Catalog Property on the Account Properties page called "Allow public view":


When checked, the activity will be available to external users (who are sent a link to the activity, for example). When the activity is accessed this way, depending on the activity type they will have to log in to view the content or record completion. Therefore, the following buttons will trigger the Login process after showing the activity in its normal, unlocked state for unauthenticated users:

  • Posts and Links: “Mark as Complete” button
  • Files: “Download” and “Mark as Complete” buttons
  • eLearning Courses: “Launch” button
  • Google Docs: “View on Google Docs” and “Mark as Complete” buttons

In the following example for a public File activity, if either the "Download" or "Mark as Complete" buttons are clicked, a Log In modal will appear requiring the unauthenticated user to log into the LMS. A Log In button is available at the top right of the page as well.




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