Awards: A Spring Awakening!

Celebrate March Madness in style

As we say goodbye to winter and hello to spring, some of us may still be sticking to our New Year’s resolutions, while others have moved on and tried to figure out what all the fuss was about. Either way, you deserve a sweet reward for your efforts since you at least gave it a try, right? We think your learners should be rewarded for their efforts as well, so we are excited to announce that we will be releasing a new, simplified Awards feature!



When we circled back to microdegrees, certificates and certifications recently, we realized that it didn’t make much sense to use three different terms for what equated to the same basic functionality. Why not combine all of these elements into one area and simply call it Awards? And while we’re at it, we thought, let’s improve the performance, too.

The new approach to Awards, which is available today in your staging environment, gives you the ability to define image-based templates for as many different award types as you like, and select them from any activity. The Award templates will be HTML-based, instead of PDF, so you’ll notice an immediate performance improvement. We’ve kept the ability to upload a badge image, define an Award type, and choose a celebration type for every activity. And at the account level, you can define a default badge image so you don’t have to upload it for every activity you want to use it in. The badge image should be square and will be resized to 400 x 400 pixels.


Top and Bottom, above and below…

At the heart of the new Award template are two images that work in concert to provide an enhanced user experience. A “Top” and “Bottom” image work together to provide the frame within which the Award content will display:



These images should be in either JPG or PNG format, with recommended dimensions of 2550 pixels wide, and no more than 3300 pixels high.

When a Student completes an activity that has an Award attached to it, they will have the same experience they had before but the HTML will display the Award immediately:



What this Means to You

We will roll out Awards in the March 21st release. But don’t panic! If you need time to convert your existing custom certificates over to the new experience, you can have it. Just let your Account Manager know that you still want your current PDF-based certificates to function as is and we can set up your account to do so. You’ll have until the end of April to migrate your custom certificates over to the new format. If your account currently has a large number of custom certificates, your Account Manager will provide you with an easy-to-fill-out template and our engineers will do the heavy lifting to map your new awards to the corresponding activity. If you only maintain a few certificates, but would prefer some migration assistance, we can help you with that, too.

We believe you’ll love how Awards now look and function. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Account Manager directly, or to our support team at And upon release, you can check out the related articles in the Help Desk to get more detail about the Awards functionality.


Make ‘em a Star!

Not everyone will win the office basketball pool. And it turns out Academy Awards, Tonys and GRAMMYs are quite difficult to acquire. However, as Awards season comes to an end and the college basketball tournament kicks off, you can make your learners feel like real winners, too, with the new and improved Awards approach in Exceed.


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