In order to address clients' needs to drive learning engagement, we've enhanced our notifications system to provide a highly effective, customizable Notification feature that includes a new Notification sidebar (or tray), the ability to use default and custom notifications, and a weekly email digest.


Notification cards

When you are ready to implement Notifications, you'll work with your implementation or account manager to select from a predefined list of default notification cards that will appear for Students when the actions for those cards are specifically triggered in the system. Following is a list of all the default cards and a description of the action that will trigger its appearance. All triggers are processed via a nightly batch job, except the ones marked with an asterisk (*), which are processed in real-time:

  • Upcoming Due Activities - activities whose due date is in the next 7 days
  • Level Badge Notifications* - if using our Level app, whenever a badge is earned
  • Path Almost Complete/Abandoned - a Path is 75% complete with no activity in the past 2 weeks (14 days)
  • Collection Almost Complete/Abandoned - a Collection is 75% complete with no activity in the past 2 weeks (14 days)
  • New Followed Topic Content - in the past week (7 days), an activity is added to a topic or subtopic the student is following
  • Award Notifications* - when a Student earns an award from completing an activity
  • Discover Tab Featured Content - for those accounts with the Discover Tab turned on, the #1 featured path for the week

If you would like to implement a custom card featuring a trigger not defined above, please work with your implementation or account manager to define the requirements of the card so it can be added to your account.


Student Experience

Students will see a Notifications icon at the top right of the screen, next to their Profile:


If there are any notifications that have not yet been viewed, a blue badge will display showing the number of unread notifications.

When clicked, the Notifications icon opens a Notifications tray on the right side of the screen, displaying the notification cards that specifically apply to the student in reverse chronological order, grouped by day:


In the above example, there are three notification cards visible based on recent activity in the system. The blue dots in front of the card titles denote that this is the first time those cards have been viewed. By clicking anywhere on a card, the Student will navigate to a particular page in the system based on the context of that card:

  • Upcoming Due Activities, Path Almost Complete/Abandoned, Collection Almost Complete/Abandoned and New Followed Topic Content - links to the specific activity
  • Level Badge Notifications - links to the Student's profile
  • Award Notifications - links to the award
  • Discover Tab Featured Content - links to the #1 featured path activity in the Catcat public catalog

Therefore, in our example, if the Student clicks on one of the "Upcoming Activity Due: Aug 20" cards, they will be directed to the respective Activity page mentioned in the card. If they click on the "New Content in Business Consulting" card, they will be directed to that mentioned activity's page as well.



Unrestricted administrators can create ad-hoc "Announcement" cards containing text and/or a link. This is similar to the existing ad-hoc letters functionality, in that a number of specific users can be selected from the User List to send this communication. In fact, an Announcement can be sent anywhere a User List is available (Users page, Enrollments tab from an activity, Participants tab in a Session, etc.). You can send any text announcement you wish and include a link if necessary. To create an Announcement, from any User list, select the users you wish to send the announcement to, then under the "More" button select the "Announcement" option:


A pop-up modal will appear. Enter a subject line, optional URL, and text message, then click the "Preview" button.


When previewing, you'll see the subject line and text you've entered formatted into the notification card format, along with an image scraped from the website if a URL was defined:


If you need to make further edits, click the "Edit" button. Otherwise, click the "Send" button and this announcement card will get sent to the users you selected, appearing at the top of their Updates tray to be read:


When a Student clicks on an announcement card that was defined with a link, they will navigate to that web URL.


Weekly Email Digest

Every week on Sunday evening, a digest email will be automatically sent out to Students which will include all Notification cards that were triggered in the past week, whether or not a Student read the cards in their Notifications tray. If a Student doesn't want to receive these emails, they can easily unsubscribe via the "Update your Subscription Preferences" link included in the email.

<Note: the Weekly Email Digest is only available in Staging but will be live in the next few weeks.>





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