Release Notes - Week Ending March 9th, 2018


Multi-date Sessions

We have brought back Multi-date Session functionality, which allows an admin to define multiple date/time entries for an individual session. This feature includes the following features:

  • New “Session Schedule” section in the Session properties, with an “Add a new date” link. The Session Schedule lists all the dates, include the Session main date, and includes all the occurrences for any recurring dates.


  • The Session main date (first in the screenshot above) will always be the oldest date, meaning:
    • You cannot add an extra date older than the main date
    • You cannot edit an extra date to make it older than the main date
    • You cannot change the Session main date if it makes it no longer the oldest date
  • When a calendar update email is sent, one email will be sent per date. The email for any non-main date will include the date’s location and description, if defined.
  • A session with multiple dates that is copied will result in the copy having all the dates of the original session.

When a Student browses the Catalog and clicks on the “More details…” link for a session, they will see the whole session schedule, with the main date listed with the session title, and the additional dates for that session listed below:



New language: French Canadian added

We have added French Canadian to our growing list of languages available for users to choose for their locale:


Please contact your Account Strategist if you’re interested in enabling this language for your account.

‘Favorites’ functionality is now an account setting

While an awesome feature, if you would like to turn off the ‘Favorites’ functionality in your account, there is a new account setting that will enable you to do so:


By unchecking the “Allow Favorites” option, Favorites will not show up in the account, which was displayed in the following three areas:

1. At the top right of the Activity page


2. On the Browse page


3. On the My Library page


This functionality has also been added to both iOS and Android versions of the Exceed mobile app.



Print History and Filters buttons were not displaying on the History page in mobile apps

In the Exceed mobile apps (both iOS and Android), the Print History and Filters (for status type) buttons were not showing on the History page in My Library. They do now, so print and filter away!



Activities with enrollment access revoked after due date were still accessible

If an admin had set up an activity with the “Revoke enrollment access after due date is reached” property checked, and the defined due date for the activity was in the past, a Student would still be able to access the activity. We have fixed this bug so that now the Student will encounter a locked activity in this scenario.

Comment Email notifications would display old Activity name

For activities that had comments enabled and email addresses entered to receive email notifications for comments, if an admin had subsequently changed the Activity Title, any emails sent out would include the old Activity Title instead of the updated title. This issue has been corrected so that Comment Email notifications will always include the current Activity Title for the activity.

Trying to add groups to activity when none exist gave error

For an activity, the “Restrictions” and “Groups” fields allow an admin to choose groups that restrict enrollment to students in specific groups and specify groups that students will be added to upon successfully completing the activity. In both of these areas, if an admin tried to add a group and none existed in the account, an error message would display. We have addressed this problem by removing the existing buttons and displaying a “No groups are currently available” message if no groups exist in the account.



‘New Session’ issues have been addressed

We’ve eliminated a couple of issues that cropped up when creating a new session in the following circumstances:

  • When an admin created a new session from the Sessions page of an activity, then clicked “Cancel,” they would be taken to the general Session List page. Now, after clicking “Cancel,” they will be directed back to the Sessions page of the activity.
  • When creating a new session from the Session List page, the Activity field at the top of the New Session page would default to “Please choose an activity.” This would produce an error if the admin tried to save the session without choosing a valid activity. We’ve addressed this by ensuring that a valid activity shows as a default in the Activity dropdown field.

Path Enrollment report creation gives error

When an admin tried to create a Path Enrollment type report, a broken URL error would be produced. We’ve fixed this bug so that Path Enrollment reports can be created without issue.



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