Release Notes - Week Ending August 17th, 2018


Flagging Activities

A new feature has been added to the Activity page for all activities in the system - the ability for Students to flag an activity for broken links, inappropriateness, incorrect content, or other reasons. This data will be stored in the system and available via reporting by administrators. To learn more about this new feature, click here.


Trying to view subtopic sometimes produces error

If a Student viewed a Topic page from the Browse tab, then tried to click on a Subtopic to view its activities, a ‘broken link’ error would sometimes be encountered. We’ve fixed this problem so that subtopics can be browsed without issue.

Recurring session with undefined “Repeat until” date gives error

If an admin tried to define a repeating activity session and didn’t populate the “Repeat until” field prior to saving, they would encounter a ‘500’ error. We’ve put in a more graceful error message that notifies the admin that, in this scenario, they “must choose a repeat until date for a recurring event.”



“Submit Assessment” button for surveys and evaluations didn’t make sense

When a Student finished a survey or evaluation, they would encounter a “Submit Assessment” button. Since that button text only makes sense in the context of an assessment, the button has been changed for surveys and evaluations to simply “Submit.”

Cover Art for Google doc-type Link activity was cropped

If a Link activity contained a URL to a Google document, when the Student viewed the Activity page for it the cover art image would be enlarged and cropped:


We have fixed this bug so that the default cover art image displays as normal.

Awards in public profile of Student not displaying for non-public activities

If a Student earned an award for a non-public activity, the award on that Student’s public profile wouldn’t be viewable. This shouldn’t be the case, since all awards on a Student’s public profile should be viewable regardless of whether the activity the award was earned from is public or not. We have corrected this problem and now all awards on a Student’s public profile are viewable. Note that if the underlying activity for an award is not public, it still cannot be accessed by clicking on the activity title from the award page.

Progress bar not accurate for completed Collections

If a Student completed a Collection (whether via directly completing activities or via equivalencies), sometimes the progress bar would not show 100% completion on the activity card. This may sound familiar as a similar issue with Paths was addressed two weeks ago. As with the resolution for that issue, we are now showing 100% in the progress bar when the status of the Collection is changed to “Passed.”



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