Release Notes - Week Ending August 10th, 2018


Next/Completed Activity ‘Toast’ Notification

We have replaced the static “Next Activity” and “Completed Activity” notifications that appear on the Activity page with a more dynamic “Toast” notification which will pop-up from the bottom-right corner of the page. This notification will be a better way of drawing Students’ attention and encourage them to continue their learning path or access other activities.

The new notification modal displays once a Student completes an activity/path/collection, and will continue to display if they see an Award or Assessment and navigate back to the activity.



Embedded Facebook Video Player support

We have added support for Facebook video via an embedded Facebook Video player, similar to the support we provide for YouTube and Vimeo videos. This will allow tracking playback progress and marking the activity complete at 30 seconds remaining (6 seconds for videos shorter than 1 minute).

Video Subtitle (captions) support

We have added the ability to upload a file containing subtitles or captions for a video activity in the system. On the Activity properties page for your video, at the bottom you will see a new “Captions” section. Clicking the “Upload a new file” button will allow you to upload a WebVTT (Web Video Text Tracks Format) file. You may upload a file for any valid language supported in your account.


To learn all about WebVTT and how to create/edit a supported file in this format, check out this link.

Award Badge image now supports square format

In the past, we would display the badge image for an award in a circle format, cropping a square image to fit this shape. Now if a square image is uploaded, it will be shown in its full square format.



‘Sort by’ default now selectable for All Activities view

When a Student views All Activities (from the Browse page), the page defaults to a sorted view by Relevance, with options to change the sorting by name or recent activity. We have added a field to the Settings page which allows an admin to define a different default sorting view for the All Activities page:



New User Field: Rehired On (hotfixed on 8/3/18)

A new data field is available for users, both in the UI and for integrations. The “Rehired on” date field has been added to capture the last rehire date for a user.




Progress bar shouldn’t display for a completed activity

If a Student completed an activity (standalone, Path or Collection), the progress bar on the activity card would still display at the bottom of the card. We have corrected this bug so that once an activity is completed, the progress bar will not display on the activity card.


Students able to access restricted topics via direct link

If a topic has a specific group restriction, Students who were not part of that particular group would still be able to access the list of activities in that topic via a direct URL link. This loophole has been closed and now a direct URL link to a topic will abide by any defined group restrictions.

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