Release Notes - Week Ending February 23rd, 2018




v2 API Enhancements

We have made a few improvements to how our API calls work:

  • Any List call will now return records in ID order. This also fixed an issue some clients were experiencing where returning more than 1000 records would duplicate some row results.
  • The AssessmentQuestion API will now return assessment_question_choices in the List and Read calls.


Facilitator couldn’t access manually-graded Assessment from Path page

If a user was set as a Facilitator on a manually-graded, nonscheduled Assessment Activity (i.e., an Assessment that does not have any Sessions defined), and the Assessment was included in a Path, after the Facilitator was enrolled in the Path and tried to access the Assessment from within the Path, they would encounter the error “We were unable to launch the activity.” We have fixed this bug so that the Facilitator can access the Assessment in this scenario.


Restricted Admin could moderate comments although Comments permission was off

If a Restricted Admin had “Activities” and “Activities edit” permissions set, but not “Comments” permissions:


then if the Restricted Admin went to any Activity page they had permission on, they were able to moderate the comments for that Activity (even though the Comments setting, as shown above, was set to Off). We have corrected this issue so that a Restricted Admin in this circumstance will be unable to edit and save (moderate) comments.

Search icon appears in Mobile view on pages with no Search bar

In Mobile views (small browser window sizes), if a page in the LMS didn’t have a Search bar, the Search icon would nonetheless appear:


We have addressed this issue by making sure the Search icon does not appear if no Search bar displays, even at small window sizes.

Creating a Category with no Picture produced an error

If an administrator tried to create a new Category and did not include a Picture for it, when the admin tried to save the new Category an error would display. This problem has been fixed so that a Category can be created and saved successfully regardless of whether a Picture is defined for it.



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