Release Notes - Week Ending February 16th, 2018




eLearning course warning message not displaying link correctly

When an eLearning course is launched, the screen displays a message warning Students that closing the page in the LMS may affect activity tracking. The link directing Students to a Help article regarding pop-up blockers was displaying the raw html:


This issue has been fixed and the html link restored.


Adding multiple File activities to new Path encountered error

If an administrator created a new Path activity then subsequently within the Path added a File activity and then tried adding another File activity, the second File activity would be unable to upload a file into the activity. This bug has been addressed so a file can be attached without encountering an error.


Feature Images not displaying thumbnail images immediately after upload

When an administrator uploaded Feature Images for a branding organization (i.e., the linkable images which are randomly selected at the top of the Catalog Home page), after choosing an image to be added the admin saw the animated spinner, which made it appear as if the upload did not work.


We have addressed this issue by showing the thumbnail image after 5-15 seconds, thus requiring no page refresh.


Accessing certain activities in a completed Path via the Catalog introduced errors

If a Student accessed a completed Path via the Catalog page and tried to click on an activity that was added to the Path since it was completed, the Student would encounter an error. This problem has been resolved so that the Student will be able to access all activities in a completed Path via the Catalog.


Creating a new Assessment in a Path sometimes produced an error

If an administrator tried to create a new Assessment in an existing Path via the Path’s Content tab, sometimes an error would be encountered. This has been fixed so that a new Assessment can be created directly from within the Path.


Participant actions displayed on two lines on Facilitator view of Session

If a facilitator accessed the Participants tab of a session she was facilitating and selected one or more participants in the list, the action buttons that displayed would appear on a second line below the ones already there:


We have corrected this behavior so all of the buttons are aligned in one row on the screen.




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