Release Notes - Week Ending August 3rd, 2018



Download awards/legacy certificates in bulk

To alleviate the tedium of printing awards individually for many students, we have added a new feature to bulk download awards (and legacy certificates) for all students who have earned them for a particular activity.

To access this feature, simply go to the Enrollments page for an activity, make sure you are viewing completed activities (by choosing “Complete” via the Filter on the page), then select as many enrolled students (or all students) you wish. Under the “More” dropdown, click on “View Awards” to view all the awards that have been earned, and/or if you have legacy certificates that have been awarded, click the “Download Certificates” option.



Search bar default text now contextual

When a Student viewed the Search bar at the top of a particular page, the default text always used to say “Search” or “Search Catalog.” We have now enhanced the default text to be contextual based on the page being viewed. So, for example, if the Student is on a particular Topic page, the default text will read “Search within Topic,” and if they are on the Session List page, the text will read “Search Sessions,” etc.





Progress bar not accurate for completed Paths

If a Student completed a Path, sometimes the progress bar would not show 100% completion. Since an admin can define completion for a Path without all activities needing to be completed (with optional activities), we are now showing 100% in the progress bar when the status of the Path is changed to “Passed.”


Students cannot edit or deleted External Credits they defined

After a Student entered an External Credit (via the History page of My Library), they wouldn’t be able to edit or delete it. We’ve fixed this issue and now Students may edit or delete any External Credit they have entered into the system.

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