Polling is a new feature in Tribe that allows a member to post a question with a simple list of options and have other members of the Tribe submit answers (vote). After voting, members will be able to see the poll results.


Posting a poll in Tribe is easy! In addition to contributing a Post or a Q&A, a new Poll option is available. When clicked, you can enter your question text and answer options, then click "Tribe It" as before:




You'll notice that the question is accompanied by the list of options that were entered. Tribe members can choose one of the listed options and click the "Vote" button to submit their choice. Once voted on, the voting results will display:



You'll notice that each answer option displays a graphical bar chart and numerical percentage of votes so that the results can be analyzed very quickly!

Note: all other functionality of a Tribe post is possible for Polls. You can edit them, pin them, flag them, bump them, comment on them, and upload a file during creation (via the up arrow at the top right of the post).



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