Release Notes - Week Ending July 27th, 2018


Image and Resource URL fields added to Activity Integration

In order to ease the ability of adding images and eLearning files to activities via integration, we have added the following fields to the Activity Integration:

  • cover_art_url - this requires a valid, accessible https URL to the cover art image for the activity
  • desktop_hero_url - this requires a valid, accessible https URL to the hero image (desktop version) for the activity
  • mobile_hero_url - this requires a valid, accessible https URL to the hero image (mobile version) for the activity
  • activity_resource_url - this requires a valid, accessible https URL to the eLearning zip package (SCORM, AICC or Evolve)


With these added fields, admins can now include links to images and eLearning packages for activities via integration, while previously this had to be done through the UI.

Rating and Review modal improved

If a Student only supplied a rating for an activity but no review, it wasn’t apparent that the number of stars clicked for the rating would save, since the Submit button wasn’t enabled. We’ve made the Rating and Review modal more straightforward, so that now if a Student only leaves a rating, the message “Thank you for your rating! You can also leave a review to share your experience with this activity.” will display, along with an enabled Submit button.


If the Student then leaves a written review in the text box, the message “Thank you, your review has been submitted” will display.

New fields added to Session Integration

It is now possible to set the “Auto enroll by waitlist” property and define a facilitator for a session via the Session Integration. The following columns have been added:

  • auto_enroll_waitlist (true/false)
  • single-facilitator (facilitator code)


Now this information can be imported versus having to be manually defined in the user interface.


Due Date Reminder letter trigger with past due date caused issues

If an admin had defined a Due Date Reminder letter trigger for an activity and chose one of the “...before due date” Remind options, then Due Date Reminder letters would still be sent out even if the activity’s due date had already occurred for a Student (i.e., if it was in the past). Since this makes no sense, we have corrected this issue to ensure that Due Date Reminder letters will not be sent to Students if their activity enrollment is already past due.

Email actions sometimes not appearing at top of Session enrollment emails in Outlook

If a Student received a Session enrollment email and was using Outlook as their email client, sometimes they wouldn’t see the email invitation’s actions (Accept/Tentative/Decline/Propose new time, or Yes/Maybe/No) at the top of the email. This problem has been corrected so that the invitation actions will appear at the top of the email when using Outlook.

Non-eLearning files couldn’t be downloaded via Properties page

If an admin had uploaded a file to a File activity that wasn’t an eLearning package (.zip) file, they wouldn’t be able to download the file from the activity’s Properties page by clicking on the filename link. This bug has been addressed so now admins may download any file attached to a File activity via the link (e.g., .doc, .xls. .pdf, .mp4, etc.).



Clarifying the requirements to make an Award shareable

There has been some confusion regarding the requirements needed to make an Award shareable. Let’s clear up that confusion! The following conditions must be met to make an award shareable in your account:

  • “Public Activities” must be enabled for your account
  • The award must be enabled for a specific activity
  • The specific activity must be included in the catalog (i.e., the “Display” property must be enabled)

If all of these conditions are met, when the award displays the social sharing icon will appear at the top right of the page. Note that the activity itself does not need to be publicly available in order for the award to be shareable.



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